Why Is Data Protection Crucial for Small Businesses?

data protection small businessHere’s why data protection is 100% needed for small businesses. Read on.

Running a small business is no easy feat. From taking business off the ground to fulfilling customer orders, each business stage needs to be well planned. It does not matter your specialization. Or how long your business has existed. You must prioritize the management and protection of customer information.

All businesses agree it’s crucial you remain data compliant. But, with rising cybersecurity attacks and online threats, staying data compliant has now become a challenge for businesses. And this is especially true for startups and small-scale units.

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Keep reading and you will find out why you need data protection for your business.

Data Protection Is Crucial for Small Businesses

Coming up I will be sharing different reasons why data protection is needed for small businesses. Read on.

Data Breaches are Rising

It should not come as a surprise that data breaches are increasing with each passing year. In fact, some small units report that the number of breaches they witness is growing faster than larger units.

Taking statistics into account, the number of data breaches for small scale units has increased by six percent. Meanwhile for small to medium sized businesses, it has grown by only 2 percent in the last year.

The cause of rising data breaches?

  • Cost and lack of management expertise are each at the root of the problem. 

Unfortunately if a company gets breached it will…

  • lose all its customer information
  • have to pay a heavy price to the regulators

Due to this, businesses believe that they should outsource data engineering services for all their data management needs. And they must do this while remaining compliant with the rules and regulations.

What does it mean to outsource data security services?

  • Outsourcing means you work with a team of data engineers who have been properly trained with the latest data engineering tools to make good use of your databases.

Understand the Risks

Considering the rising cybersecurity risks, it is vital that businesses must be aware that they could be vulnerable to an attack. In a recent study of businesses with cases of data breaches, many reported that they didn’t have proper IT solutions or internal IT knowledge and experience. 

Plus this study showed that many of these small scale units didn’t have a third party to regulate and restrict their internal infrastructures. As a result they increased their chances of data breaches.

Use Tech for Overall Protection

Criminal hackers have endless ways to breach your company’s data. Hence, businesses can rely on new technologies to avoid cybersecurity breaches and remain secure. Thanks to advancements in AI technology, companies are using intelligence-driven automation to analyze their past threats and keep a regular check on their systems to spot any possibility of future data breaches.

For instance, new AI apps can review your systems, go through thorough checking, and predict future threats to avoid those issues before they happen in reality. Businesses who can’t afford AI tech in their initial stages can consider shifting all their data and software to the Cloud.

Final Thoughts: Data Protection Crucial for Small Businesses

Since data breaching is sadly here to stay, businesses should make sure to adopt the right security solutions. Use these tips to prioritize data protection. And you can feel confident that your business is secure.

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