The Secret To Increased Productivity: How to Accomplish More In A Day

The Secret To Increased Productivity: How to Accomplish More In A DayWant to accomplish more in a day? Here’s my secret to increased productivity.

I call it my “Ice Cream Theory On Productivity.”

What do I mean by that?

Let’s say I handed you a pint of ice cream and a spoon – then said, “Okay I want that entire pint finished in 1 hour! I’ll be back! It better be done!”

I’m betting that if I came back in an hour and asked you, “Okay? So, did you finish that pint of ice cream?” that your answer would be a resounding, “Yes! Thanks!”

Why would you have finished that entire pint of ice cream?

Not because you had discipline.

It doesn’t take discipline to keep spooning and spooning ice cream.

You would have kept on wanting to spoon it up!

You would have experienced a passion for eating that ice cream that kept you going – and going.

Ditto for what keeps you going workwise.

I know personally when I’m having fun working on a project, I just keeping wanting to spoon up the project.

Passion = Discipline

The problem? Sometimes after the beginning “honeymoon” period for a project passes, that passionate feeling for the work to be done then waxes and wanes.

No worries.

Here are 6 tools to tap back into passion – so you can amp up your productivity!

(1) Remind yourself WHY you were passionate about your work in your honeymoon period.

Ask yourself WHY your honeymoon waned.

Think new thoughts! Create an affirmation!

Do new actions! Create a new kind of “to do list.”  Start doing some aspect of your work that you haven’t done in a while – so things feel fresh.

Bring in someone else to assist in the aspects you’re not feeling!

In 3 words: Delegate, delegate, delegate!

Make a mindful choice to un-wane the wane!

(2) Does your work improve people’s lives?

Remind yourself how what you do MATTERS!

When you’re reconnected to viewing your work as having meaning and purpose, you wind up feeling more passionate to do what you gotta do!

(3) Ask yourself WHO you want to be –  Not Just WHAT you want to do.

Get your identity re-synchronized as a successful, happy, confident, communicative, problem-solvin’ genius of your craft, dammit!

In other words, you should write out a “TO BE LIST” of qualities you want TO BE – then look at this list before you look at your “TO DO LIST.”

You will quickly feel more passionate about your to-do-ing.

Identity is destiny.

When you’re reminded of who you value being, you’re more motivated to move through challenges.


Because firstly you’ve awakened your passion to be your highest potential self.

Plus some part of you knows (aka your soul/core self) that if you don’t do actions which match with your values, then you will feel an uncomfortable twitchy feeling called “cognitive dissonance.”

(4) Link your success to something else.

Tell yourself:  Baby needs a new pair of shoes – or even better – baby needs a college education!

Refocus on your longterm exciting “Dream Quest” of the life you want to create – and take your mind off the short term pain of working hard.

(5) Play with people better than you.

In every career there are “Supermodelers.”

Go get caffeinated with one. Hearing their tales of glory will re-ingnite your passion..and maybe they’ll offer tips on how to better wag a tale or two yourself.

(6) Play with people you love.

Gallup studies show that when you have a best friend at work, you are seven times more likely to be engaged in your job.

You get more done in less time.

You also have more engaged customers- and are more likely to innovate and share new ideas.

Also,  people with at least 3 close friends at work were 96% more likely to be extremely satisfied with their lives.

In summary: Find and keep people you love to be around as colleagues, employees, and employers – and you’ll have more passion for your work!

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I gave a TEDx talk which offers more productivity tools. It’s called “Fun Is A High Performancxe Fuel” –  which you can watch by clicking HERE!

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