4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help People

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help People

Here are 4 of the most meaningful jobs for those who like to help people.

Many people don’t realize that helping others can actually help you to feel better – far more than simply focusing on helping yourself.

As Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus wisely said: “Making money is a happiness; making other people happy is a super happiness.”

This is more than an opinion. It’s a researched fact.

Recent fMRI technology reports that the act of giving to others stimulates the same happiness boosting parts of the brain as enjoying sex and food.

(Strange but true!)

Plus the longevity book “Life is Long” also explains how helping others is good for your health! More than 30 studies done by the Corporation for National and Community Service reported that volunteering increases your life expectancy –  “significantly.”

(Their word!)

If you’re someone who recognizes the many “good karma boomerang benefits” found in helping others – you might decide you want to work towards a career in helping people. 

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help People

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help PeopleThere are a variety of careers that you could work towards if this is your dream – too many to list here!

However, I will list 4 meaningful job ideas – to inspire you to get on your way.

If you have other career suggestions, please share them in the comments section below! 

Meaningful Job 1: Career Advisor

As a career advisor, you can help lighten the load for students. Students find graduation very stressful – but being there as an advisor for them can help them to feel far more at ease.

You may work in a high school, college, or university setting. Plus you may find yourself consulting with students to help them make difficult career decisions, as well as review important documents such as cover letters. Or you might also help students to practice their interview skills.

A master’s degree in counseling is helpful but not all jobs as career advisors require this.

You can simply pursuine a bachelor’s of psychology or degree in counseling as a good place to start.

Meaningful Job 2: Early Childhood Educator

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help PeopleAs an early childhood educator, you’ll be caring for small children usually under 5 years old.

It’ll be your main job to teach and engage children while keeping them safe. You will assist kids in a variety of ways – both emotionally and intellectually.

For example…

You might help them to eat a healthy lunch, motivate them to enjoy a brain nourishing nap, read with them to inspire new ways to view the world, or even take them to play in the park so they stay physically active and healthy. Best of all, typical entry-level education is a diploma or associate’s degree.

Meaningful Job 3: Social Worker

A social worker can do many different things depending on their area of expertise. Child and family social workers protect vulnerable children and support families in need of assistance. Clinical social workers can diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help PeopleYou could also pursue a career as a criminal justice social worker – which would mean you’d provide assistance, support and services to criminal offenders and their family members.

This career is of especially meaningful service – because these people have a higher risk of committing crimes due to their previous life experiences – and you can be there for them – motivating them to redirect their lives towards a more positive path.

Basically, being a social worker in criminal justice means you may be working with individuals recently released from a corrections facility who are trying to get their lives on track.

Meaningful Job 4: Nutritionist or Personal Trainer

You can be either a nutritionist or a personal trainer. Or you could be trained in both skillsets.

If you’re doubly trained in both careers, then you are particularly able to help your clients get their health on track – via an especially fast and beneficial track.

4 Of The Most Meaningful Jobs For Those Who Like To Help PeopleBest of all, you will be helping people in a holistic way: mind, body and spirit. After all, good health leads to better well being.

You will be helping people to feel good physically – and like the best version of themselves emotionally and spiritually.

You might work in a gym, school, nursing home, or freelance, helping people to get in shape by giving them a suitable workout plan.

Or you could give them tools to eat healthier.

A high school diploma, along with an associate’s degree in a health or fitness field, is typical, although there are many pathways you can take to become qualified. Just ensure you don’t take a one day or weekend/online course, as they can be questionable at best. You want to have superior knowledge in a saturated market, so do your research.

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