Planning A Business Event? Here Is What You Need To Know

Planning A Business Event? Here Is What You Need To KnowIf you’re planning a business event, here’s a guideline for what you need to know for how to deal with today’s Covid recovering world.

As restrictions relax and vaccinations continue, people are eager to return to pre-pandemic life, and the event industry is excited to deliver.

But until herd immunity is achieved, the event industry must overcome unprecedented challenges to help stop the spread.

Read on for the latest industry advice for setting up business meetings in today’s complicated world.

Knowing the guidelines

In April 2021, the California Department of Health and Cal/OSHA issued COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Private Venues and Events. This guide expands on the state’s tier-based Blueprint for a Safer Economy, addressing how vaccinations and negative COVID-19 tests allow for higher capacities.

In addition to capacity limits, the guidance also addresses:

  • Controlling entrances/exits and natural gathering areas to enforce social distancing and prevent “bottlenecking” of foot traffic
  • The food industry guidelines that also apply to catered events, i.e. avoiding self service of food and emphasizing individually packaged meals
  • Enhanced ventilation and sanitation protocols, i.e. increasing airflow to the extent possible for the event space, or utilizing contactless systems to reduce virus transmission opportunities
  • Guidance also includes links to guidance for other industries that often intersect with event planning, including the hotel, transportation, and the entertainment industries

Event planners have to wear multiple hats like never before. As a result, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the various safety protocols of the industries you expect to intersect with your event.

If you’re planning a business event,  it may be frustrating to have so many limitations as you resume operations. But it would be undoubtedly devastating to have events cancelled again due to outbreaks and/or subsequent tighter restrictions.

Tips for event professionals

  • Flexibility – The pandemic has forced all of us to make so many adjustments already, but staying flexible as an event planner in the New Normal means anticipating needs in a worst case scenario. Prepare for possible changes in capacity limits by making a policy ahead of time on how to transform it into a virtual or hybrid event. A well-thought out backup plan can prevent the need for cancellation. You could explore online options such as how to create a masterclass online rather than the one you have planned in person. That kind of Plan B can really save you.
  • Networking – COVID-19 is a time where everyone can use a helping hand. Giving help where you can and asking for support when you need it can help you build lasting, reliable bonds in the industry and access to a wider community of professionals.
  • Plan ahead – Although you may not anticipate a return to large-scale in-person events anytime soon, start considering what your needs may be now. Risk assessment will be different than ever before, and being well-versed in the many safety protocols event planners must comply with will help you when actively planning in the future. Plus, knowing the strategies well will mean you are able to devote more energy to devising creative ways to make events enticing despite restrictions, like bubble pods or limited edition face masks.

Stay in Control with Onsite Testing

If you’re planning a business event, be aware that regulations are unlikely to go away before herd immunity is achieved. It will take time as vaccines continue to slowly roll out. Testing has proven to be a reliable way to control and prevent outbreaks, which is why testing of employees at event venues with confirmed COVID-19 cases is required. Onsite PCR testing for small companies and events in Sacramento is a growing strategy the industry has embraced to emphasize safety and avoid setbacks caused by outbreaks.

Mobile COVID-19 testing services will send one or more nurses to your event to administer COVID-19 tests to all employees, vendors, and even attendees.

As healthcare professionals, they have access to rapid antigen tests which return results in as little as 15 minutes, making them an ideal choice for same-day guest testing. Services often include consultations on what to do if someone develops symptoms at your event, and packages can often be negotiated for group discounts or ongoing service contracts.

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