5 Retirement Plans You Should Be Daydreaming About

5 Retirement Plans You Should Be Daydreaming AboutDoes thinking about growing old have to conjure thoughts that are grey and gloomy?

No, life has severely improved in the past century and retirement has become much better in almost every way. You have more options for your housing, investments, leisure activities and healthcare.

Long term care is perhaps your major concern, as growing old is not without it’s hiccups in this regard. You have some brilliant options which you should be exploring while you are far from retirement.

If you’re new to my site, hi there! I’m the bestselling author of the longevity and wellness book, Life is Long.

I love sharing many research-based secrets to living longer, healthier, younger. If you follow some of the specific health suggestions I recommend, you can increase your likelihood of living longer.

In this particular article I’ll be sharing what to do with this extra time on our planet – so you make the most of your retirement plans!

1. More travel time

They say you should get all your travel dreams completed when you are young. However, why do you think so many holiday packages are aimed at older people? It’s because, you’ll have so much time on your hands, that traveling the world will become your favorite hobby. Did you know that there are travel agencies that just cater to the older generation? They offer packages that have guided tours, great transport to attractions and plenty of extras that would cost more when bought individually. You often find that these packages have translators, historians and a leader of the group that manages the day’s events. So you have the opportunity to see everything worthwhile and yet have time to eat at a good restaurant, the guide will work with local businesses and authorities.

2. Care without the cost

Your care into your old age is something you must begin to plan now. You don’t want to be of retirement age before you begin to consider what your Long Term Care System will be. Using this type of LTCS, you have various acute care services covered. So this includes trips to doctors, hospitalizations, reduced prescription costs, x-rays, tests and other specialist treatment. You also have access to alternative facility care, such as nursing facilities, residential care and assisted living centers.

Why is this important? Well, various elderly healthcare packages only cover the basics. They don’t take into account the costs of x-rays that will be needed for the operations they cover. They may cover nursing at the hospital but they don’t cover it at your home. So an LTCS is highly recommended. 

3. More time to read

In our busy lifestyles, reading the books we love is but a daydream affair. How many novels have you been putting off? How many brand new books that you bought at the book fair or ordered online, have been collecting dust without being opened? It’s common for us to be so stressed and tired at the end of a professional working day, that sitting down to read is the last thing on our minds. All we want is a hot plate of pasta, and the remote to our TV. but when you retire, you can hang outside in your hammock, and be swiftly taken away by all those stories you’ve put on hold. 

4. Move somewhere new

When you retire you’re no longer beholden to your location. Maybe the reason why you have been living in a particular city is because of your work. Now that’s no longer an issue, you can move somewhere new. If you’ve always wanted to live somewhere but could never make the move, why not do so now? You can live in a mountainous region of your country, if you love the wilderness. If you want to live somewhere that isn’t as busy, it’s quieter and has more privacy, then go ahead and start planning to go wherever it is you fancy, try talking to a Senior Living Developer for peace of mind maybe?

5. Grandkids

One day, you’ll have the children of your children playing with you in the garden. You’ll be their soft authority figure, one who gives them candy and bakes them biscuits. One of the joys of growing old is enjoying grandkids. To see them grow up, enjoying life and exploring who they are, is something you can only experience as you get older. It’s something you should be looking forward to and deciding what kind of games you want to play when you’re chosen for babysitting duties.

Retirement doesn’t have to be dark and dull. You can travel the world and continue to see new things abroad. You can take care of all your major healthcare costs now, so you have nothing to worry about should you be hurt. And you have so much time to read and enjoy the novels you have been waiting to explore. 

Live your happiest and healthiest retirement

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