4 Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Life

Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Life

If you want to feel healthier, happier and more energetic, here are some simple ways to lead a healthy life.

Have you wanted to make some lifestyle changes in your life. But it seems as if diets and weight loss methods are only getting more complicated?

Do you want to feel better in the morning when you wake up, but you’re not the type of person who wants an entire shelf of supplements you need to take each day?

Most people agree that they would want to live a more healthy life.

But sometimes this goal feels too impossible, strict – and a bit expensive.

Well, guess what? That doesn’t have to be the case!

As you might know, I wrote a bestselling book called Happy Habits.

Inside my book I share a range of habits which boost happiness. In my research, I learned about the top habits which predict greater happiness and health.

In this article I’ll be sharing some simple ways to live a healthier life – and boost both your mental and physical well being.

4 Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy Life

Here are some tried and tested simple ways to lead a healthy life. 

1. Sleep is key

Simple Ways to Lead a Healthy LifeThere’s a reason why sleep is right on top of this list. Sleep is one of those things in life that is non-negotiable.

For some reason, when life gets busy, rest is one of the first healthy habits that gets thrown out the window. This is a dangerous risk, seeing as sleep is vital to many functions in our body.

For instance…

Have you ever noticed how emotional you tend to get if you’ve had a night or two where you didn’t get much sleep?

Well, when you sleep, your body sorts through everything you saw and heard throughout the day and processes it, allowing you to cope better with challenging situations that may arise afterward. Plus sleep is also crucial to prevent weight gain.

So, if you want to make some changes in your daily routine, start with getting more rest – you definitely won’t regret it!

2. Eat smarter

healthy habitsFollowing a healthy diet doesn’t mean starving yourself. Instead it means choosing foods that are filled with nutrients – and not too many chemicals. Basically, instead of simply counting calories – you should be focused on counting how many chemicals you’re putting into your body. Try to eat more food which does NOT have a barcode – and instead is grown and nurtured on a farm.

Also try to pick food which compatible with your body and blood type.  Yes, research now reports that your blood type has a lot to do with your body’s reaction to food. Oh – and so do allergies.

Have you been feeling off for such a long time, you barely remember what it feels like to feel great? This can be solved by trying an elimination diet, where you experiment with eliminating certain foods from your daily diet  – which you intuit might be making you feel icky. The best thing you can do for yourself: start eating smarter food – not necessarily less food.

In addition to having a proper diet, stay on top of your health by taking healthy probiotic supplements. Choose the right kind of supplements, especially those that help prevent infections, promote vaginal health, and improve gut health.

3. H2O to keep you on the go

water healthy habitDid you know that your body consists of 70% water? Well, what do you think would happen if you deprived your body of the thing it is mainly made up of? Nothing good for starters.

Many people believe drinking water only keeps you hydrated. Well, that is true  – in part. But water also has other benefits that make it all the more important to keep a glass nearby.

Not only does water flush bacteria from your bladder, but it also aids digestion and carries oxygen to your blood cells. Experts suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. If you want to make it easier on yourself, try keeping a water bottle nearby.

4. Exercise when you rise

work out hobbyYou’ve heard you should exercise a lot by now, right? But has anyone ever told you when the best time to exercise is? Some people opt for a quick fitness class between lunch. Meanwhile others head for the gym after work. Meanwhile others head for the gym after work.

But, the best time to do some exercise is in the morning. Yes, it might sound utterly ruthless at first. But you’ll have tons of energy afterward to face the day head-on.

Whether you go for a brisk walk, a yoga session, some pilates, or a few laps in the pool, as long as you get that heart pumping!

Now you know some simple ways to live a healthy life.  In fact, most of the suggestions mentioned above are things that came naturally to you when you were younger! So get back to your roots and make a change! It’s never too late become a healthier you!

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