A Guide To Labradors As Family Pets: Is it the right breed for you?

Guide To Labradors As Family PetsIf you’re looking to get a dog, here’s a helpful guide to labradors as family pets, so you can better decide if it’s the right breed for you.

The Labrador and Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for being fun, friendly, and intelligent. Plus they can make the perfect family pet. But there are some things you need to know about their personalities and health before you make one part of your family. 

They were originally bred as working dogs, to help fisherman bring in their nets. Even non-working dogs have a love of fetching things and carrying them around. 

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In my research, I learned that having a dog as a pet is a big predictor for greater happiness. With this in mind, here’s a helpful guide to labradors to see if it’s the right breed for your family.

A Guide To Labradors As Family Pets: Is it the right breed for you?

Keep in mind the following factors before you bring a Labrador home to your family.

They are big dogs

Though there are subtle differences in types of Lab, they are a large breed of dog in general. A male can weigh up to 36KG. While you may have the room for an adorable puppy bounding around the house and garden, do you have the room for a full-grown, excitable dog? 

They are prone to certain health conditions

Like all pure breeds, Labradors are prone to certain health conditions including hip dysplasia, joint problem, and fatty lumps. You can get a better idea of the common conditions that affect Labs by looking a claim statistics by pet on this pet insurance site. 

Labradors are also one of the breeds most prone to obesity. The only thing a Labrador loves more than fun is food. Researchers have discovered that they have a genetic disposition to feeling hungry. So no matter how much you feed them, they always want more. And it’s difficult to resist those beautiful eyes. 

They are good with kids

In general, Labs have a happy and playful temperament which makes them an ideal family pet. However, you’re not automatically guaranteed the perfect family pet, like all dogs, they need careful training, socialization, and exercise in order to get the best temperament. 

They need a lot of exercise 

Labs are bundles of energy and if they’re not exercised enough, then they can become destructive and willful, especially as young dogs.  They need to be exercised for up to two hours per day as adult dogs. 

If you’re not able to commit to this amount of exercise, then you should consider a less active breed. 

They are easy to train

When it comes to training, Labradors are one of the easiest breeds to train. Because they are intelligent and eager to please their owners, you’ll find training them a lot of fun. Because of their pathological quest for food, they respond very well to reward training, where you offer them a treat in exchange for doing something correctly. There isn’t much a Labrador won’t do for food. 

Is a Labrador the right breed for you?

Labs are amazing dogs. They’re friendly, cheeky, and great with kids of all ages. But they need the right kind of environment to thrive. They are extremely active dogs that need both mental and physical stimulation. An active family that takes the time to train them and exercise them regularly is the perfect home for a Lab. In return, they’ll give you all the love in the world and be an amazing family pet. 

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