4 Nurse Specialties That Offer the Highest Pay In 2022

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If you’re looking for a fulfilling career, here are 4 nurse specialities that offer the highest pay in 2022.

In recent years, the demand for nurses has further increased by leaps and bounds. Many factors are at play for this increase in demand, one being the need for skilled nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare suddenly faced the reality that it lacks the workforce that fights at the frontline and buttresses its structure. Other factors include the growing population of baby boomers. As people grow older, they need more healthcare services and professionals.

Moreover, many nurses are reaching the retirement age in the next few years. Finally, the presence of novel infectious diseases and viruses has further depressed the ability of healthcare to meet patient care needs. As a result, the demand for skilled nurses is expected to skyrocket in a couple of years.

Nursing has always been regarded as one of the noble careers.

Many factors contribute to it being the most trusted and adopted career, including its attractive earning potential. Others include the opportunity to choose from various career options once you graduate. As nurses graduate, there have countless specialization options available to them. The number of specialties further increases with each new degree and certification.

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With this in mind I put together this guide on the 4 top nurse specialties with the highest pay.

How does higher nursing education appreciate your chances of development?

Generally, a nurse is ready to start practicing with a mere associate degree. But a BSN or an MSN degree can appreciate their chances of making a higher salary since it offers specializations. By opting from the various nurse practitioner specialties available to them, they can propel their career advancement and earning prospects. A new nurse specialization implies getting a wealth of knowledge, the ability to work in a new healthcare domain, and a multitude of other benefits.

Some might opt for a family nurse practitioner, while others pursue management and research. A certified nurse has more career opportunities, and many employers also offer additional incentives to attract expert nurses. Once you have higher education such as a BSN, MSN, or DNP, the following high-paying opportunities might be available to you in 2022.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)

A certified nurse anesthetist’s job is considered one of the most lucrative career choices in healthcare. They are required to administer and retain anesthesia in patients. Apart from administering anesthesia, they also perform physical examinations on the patient to prepare them for administering anesthesia before surgery or other serious procedures. More importantly, they make sure the person remains sedated during the whole process. Later, they also supervise a patient’s recovery period from anesthesia. They generally work with several medical professionals such as surgeons, doctors, and other medical experts in various settings, including operation theaters, dental clinics, etc.

They receive proper training to administer anesthesia after getting the education of an RN. CRNAs are also required to obtain a bachelor’s and a master’s degree for this certification. They are high in demand, mainly in rural settings where finding an anesthesiologist is challenging. A certified nurse anesthetic can earn as much as $192,850  per year with moderate experience in their field. 

Neonatal Nurse

Since the job of neonatal nurses is highly challenging, they require extensive training to perform their duties. They are employed to care for newborn babies suffering from birth injuries or admitted to intensive care units for premature birth. Other reasons include heart and lung issues and newborn infections. Neonatal nurses also assist the newborn’s parents in coping with their child’s suffering.

Apart from earning an RN degree, a neonatal nurse must have proper training in pediatric care and handling premature infants. Most nurses are inclined to receive the current training programs since they teach them about handling technology and providing high-quality care.

It’s an in-demand specialization, and neonatal nurses can work in various settings, including neonatal intensive care units and private practice clinics. They also earn an impressive salary of $114,722 /year, which increases with years of experience, so the chances of making more are always present.

Oncology Nurse

An oncology nurse is an individual who works with patients who have been diagnosed with or are at the risk of developing various kinds of cancers. Because of the nature of the diagnosis, compassion is a central characteristic of an oncology nurse.

An oncology nurse is trained to conduct assessments and administer treatment to cancer patients. They also communicate with the family and several other care providers entrusted with caring for the patient. These nurses often develop a strong emotional bond with their patients. This relationship is critical because treating cancer requires the development of many peripheral treatment plans apart from drug administration.

To work as an oncology nurse, you must complete your traditional nursing education and receive your license. Most nurses also need additional training to work in this field. Because of high demand, nurses can find work in almost all countries and states. An oncology nurse with the right training, skills, and working experience of a few years can earn $117,074 /year, approximately $56/hour.

Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner is another lucrative nursing career choice. Family nurse practitioners have similar work duties as general nurse practitioners. The only difference is that they get additional pediatric and geriatric care training. As a family nurse practitioner, you can choose to work in several settings, including a hospital, patient care centers, and private settings, due to their ability to tend to people from various age groups. So, any family member can be referred to a family nurse practitioner.

Regardless of the inherently generalized nature of the field, nurses in this career can broaden their scope with additional education and training. Because of the nature of their job and the broader range of their practices, family nurse practitioners are always in high demand in all healthcare settings. With years of experience and proper training, they can earn as much as an average salary of $105,920 per year, $50.92 per hour.

Conclusion on Nurse Specialties and Pay

Given the several specialization pathways available to nurses, many nurses willingly pursue higher education prospects. On top of that, many nursing specialties pay exceptionally well. With proper education and training, no one can prevent you from landing a job in your area of interest. Moreover, you always have the opportunity to change your working area by earning additional qualifications and certification at any point in your career.

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