Find A Career That Suits You And Fits Your Life

find a career that suits you

Life is short – so it’s helpful to your happiness to find a career that suits you – and fits your life. Confused as to where to begin? Start with the helpful career tips in this article!

One of the things that we speak about most in life: our careers. We speak about work while we’re at work. Then we speak about work while with our partner, friends and family.

The truth is, our work life takes up a lot of our life! So you might as well try to find work you love.

Find A Career That Suits You And Fits Your Life

If you want to find a career that suits you, you might want to start your own business or find a job which offers more freedom and flexibility. In this article I will help you to start exploring a career that will give you the life you want to live. 

1. Do Something With Flexibility & Freedom 

It would be nice if you could feel some form of flexibility and freedom when at work. Thankfully there are some jobs that offer this openness.

You could consider going freelance.

Being a freelancer is scary to someone who is working a full time jobs and on a payroll. In fact, going freelance sounds like risking it all.  You gotta be brave to consider finding a way to make money without a guarantee of it ever coming. Plus without being told what to do everyday. 

But if you can find a mission, service or product you’re passionate about, then turn it into freelancing or small business type of work, then you’ll eventually enjoy the job perks of freedom and flexibility.

2. Help Others to Feel Healthy And Happy

Helping others to be healthy and happy is a pure and rewarding pursuit.

If you feel like you have this desire to help others, then you might want to think about going into nursing. People go into nursing at all ages and stages of their life. Regis College is just one of the establishments you can look at if you’re curious about this career.

Pursuing a nursing career is a great way to help others. It is a highly valued field as nurses work as a link between doctors and patients. Nursing is a duty to society through its mission to work for the public interest. Besides, there is a lot of room for growth in the nursing career.  There are BSN to FNP online programs that can help you advance in the nursing field. What’s more, nursing is a noble profession, and nurses are the heart and soul of every healthcare system.

Or you might want to pursue a career in yoga, fitness, meditation or nutrition. You can take local classes to become a yoga instructor, meditation teacher or fitness teacher at a nearby yoga or exercise studio. (I studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher at Ishta Yoga here in NYC.) Plus, you can study nutrition online or at a nearby college.

You can also help people emotionally and/or spiritually. Study to be a social worker (check out social work courses here), therapist or life coach – either online or at a nearby college.

3. Travel The World

If you want to find a career that suits you, and you love to travel the world, then there are some fun job options for you!

Thankfully, traveling the world has never been more easily accessible – and more appealing. Many people have created a business which is all about traveling to exotic locations – simply by agreeing to post about their adventures on social media platforms.

Or you could get a job writing about trips for a magazine or online publication.

You can also explore a job working on a cabin crew for big airlines.

4. Help Kids to Learn And Grow

If you want to find a career that suits you, and you love kids, then you might want to explore a job educating or care taking children.

You can do something to help kids in a variety of ways – either emotionally, physically or intellectually.

Best of all, typical entry-level education is usually a diploma or associate’s degree.

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