The Rules OF Engagement: Marketing Tips To Drive More Conversions

Marketing Tips To Drive More Conversions

It’s a competitive world out there, so here are 5 helpful marketing tips to drive more conversions!

Getting more customer conversions is the number one goal shared by businesses across the globe. After all, success in any other aspect of the venture will feel futile if you aren’t getting sales.

Every aspect of your marketing strategy should focus on efficiency. Even $1m of extra sales is counterproductive if you spent $2m to get them.

The key?

Focus on conversions rather than mass marketing.

If you’re new to my site, hi there! I started off my career in advertising/marketing – becoming a Senior VP Creative Director in my 20’s – then quitting to write books. I then went on to become a bestselling author – using my marketing skills – and selling over 1 million books. I now help entrepreneurs and small businesses with their marketing goals via my 1-on-1 consulting.

In this particular article, I’m going to give you…

5 Key Marketing Tools to Drive More Conversions 

1. Let Them Find You

Consumers are far more likely to buy a product they are looking for than one that they happen to see in an advert. In today’s climate, they are constantly in the ‘buying mode’ due to the world of info at their fingertips. Therefore, mastering your SEO strategies and voice search optimization is highly important. If they see your business when searching for the products and services you sell, the traffic you gain comes from a warm or hot lead. In turn, conversions should see a positive trajectory.

But what happens when you’re not really sure how to master your own SEO? Do you have to go without? If you’re not sure, it’s a good idea to find small business SEO packages to work with instead. That way, the work will be done for you.

2. Get Into Their Daily Lives

Visibility to the wrong audience is a little redundant. However, building familiarity with your target market is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. A simple promotional good like a branded air freshener can make all the difference. The user will see it every single day, which means your company is always on their mind. The fact that the items add value to their lives without costing a dollar also underlines the idea that your brand improves their world. In turn, they’ll be more likely to trust you.

The Rules OF Engagement: Marketing Tips To Drive More Conversions3. Bond Over Shared Views

Modern consumers don’t only judge businesses on their products. They actively want to interact with brands they provide an emotional connection. The brand personality is a key feature, which is why using the right tone of language is vital. Meanwhile, social responsibility is another issue that will strengthen the bond. This could mean supporting local causes, reducing the carbon footprint, or supporting key issues. If potential clients feel that they can trust the people behind the brand, it will bring positive results.

4. Leverage Success From Others

As consumers, we all know that businesses will promote themselves in a strong manner. So, we often look to gain the opinions of others. From a business perspective, then, you should try to use this phenomenon to your advantage. You can achieve this in many ways. One idea is to use social media influencers. Customers know that this is a form of marketing. Still, they also know that known faces won’t associate themselves with inferior products. When combined with referrals and affiliates, you won’t go wrong.

5. Define Your Sales Funnel

Finally, you need to remember that most people need a push in the right direction. They may find your products and plan to buy them. But it counts for nothing if they do not complete the transaction. A defined sales funnel can start with your landing pages and follow a stream of email marketing strategies. Cart abandonment emails and time promotional offers can deliver very powerful results too. Essentially, forcing users to make a decision may lose some sales. Still, it will generate lots of them.

Finally..follow up those sales with a stunning service…and their loyalty will soon come!

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