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What happy people do differently than grumpy people

Want to know what consistently happy people do differently than consistently grumpy people? (Note: I’m not talking about people with medically diagnosed depression issues.) I believe the number one big difference between grumpy people and happy people is… Grumpy people […]

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During Challenging Times Do You Turn To God?

I’ve always been curious about why there’s so much pain and suffering in this world. Is there a greater plan – a purpose behind our struggles? In fact, after my sexual assault a few years ago, I found myself thinking […]

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My Search To Regain My Happiness

NOTE: This is a guest blog written by the awesome-in-oh-so-many-ways Andrea Meyer! When I walked into Aidan’s classroom, he was alone, pushing a matchbox car around the carpeted floor. Clusters of kids were shaping play dough into snakes and sea […]

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5 Simple Time Saving Tools Which Work!

True story: Lately I’ve been trying to cut down on the massive amounts of coffee I love to drink. But I’m not doing this for health reasons – but for time management issues.  These days, I often go from one […]

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How To Enjoy Paying Your Bills

Note: This is a guest blog from Sean Patrick I am very much a spiritual person. I definitely believe that we live in an abundant Universe. However, I confess, I used to sometimes abandon this belief when it came to […]

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4 Examples of Women’s Empowerment

I created the 4 posters below to share some quick examples of Women’s Empowerment over the last decade or so – offered up with a little feisty humor a la carte! Feel free to pass on the positivity – and […]

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How To Ask For A Raise – And Get One

Money doesn’t buy happiness. But complaining about being broke doesn’t pay the rent or make you any happier either! So here’s some helpful steps to ask for a raise – and get one. If you’re presently seeking to earn more […]

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