5 Different Ways to Get More Customers For Your Small Business

Different Ways to Get More Customers For Your Small Business

If you want to grow your small business, you’ll want to learn about these different ways to get more customers.

It is a problem that everyone has as they try to build a small business, one that is a common issue regardless of the niche you choose to work in. How do you get customers?

You know that your product is amazing, your services are friendly, and you even have an amazing price that practically guarantees you are giving the service away for free. 

While exploring diverse strategies to attract more customers to your small business, ensuring your company’s legal structure is solid can not be overlooked. Utilizing one of the best llc services can streamline this process, allowing you to focus on customer acquisition and growth with peace of mind.

But if no one is coming in, then what is the point? 

There are plenty of different ways to advertise and promote your small business in order to get customers – and I’m here to help explain them all to you!

I’m writing this article because I’m a multi-bestselling entrepreneur, with about 2 million books and courses sold globally.

I am committed to helping people to grow their business by generating innovative business ideas and opportunities. So let’s get started.

5 Ways to Get More Customers For A Small Business

In this article is going to share some of the different ways that you can connect with your customers and get them into your small business.

1. Get Into The Mind Of Your Small Business Customer

When it comes to marketing for a small business, many small businesses focus on the various solutions that they have to offer their customers. They want to focus on providing the most amount of help to the customer by showcasing the problems that their services and products can solve, all of the low prices they have, and more. However, many small businesses then proceed to follow the latest marketing trends without really knowing why they do it. 

They post on social media, create a blog, share videos, and make a big fuss about creating content and putting it out onto the web in front of their audience, but they don’t ever take the time to define who that audience is. But by taking the time to get into the mind of your ideal small business customer, you can ensure that your business knows who it is marketing to. 

Is your ideal customer rich? Middle Class? Do they have certain hobbies or are of a certain age range? How will your ideal customer respond to your products and services? What does your customer value in life? And most importantly, what problem does your customer have that you and your business are uniquely positioned to solve?

It can take a while to answer these questions and can take an even longer time to make sure that you can use those answers to describe your ideal customer. But once you have an idea of what your ideal customer is, you can start to market to them by figuring out where your ideal customer will hang out. If you know what places/websites your ideal customer will go too, you can focus your marketing efforts there.

2. Focus On A Mix Of Online And In Person Marketing

Many small businesses focus on either having 100% of their marketing solely online, or having 100% of their marketing solely offline. This works for a while, but many small businesses are missing out on the customers that the other half could bring them. Rather than spending the vast majority of your time solely focusing on one or the other, you need to make sure that your small business is hitting both. 

So for every post you make online, try to put up a sign in a neighboring store. For every flier you hand out, try to cold email someone on social media. It might seem like you are doubling your efforts for no real reward, especially if the marketing that you have is working so far. But with some time and persistence you can get to where you have double the customers!

3. Treat Your Existing Customers Fairly

It might seem counterintuitive that the best way to bring in new customers is to focus on old customers, but that is how it works. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to bring in new customers, but it is also incredibly hard to harness. You can’t force it to happen, but if you take the time to treat your old customers with respect and show that you value them being here, you can ensure that they will talk all about your business to the new customers who are walking in the door.

You can do this through loyalty programs, getting to know returning customers by their first names, and otherwise treating your customers with respect and human decency. That is going to bring the regular customers in through the door, and they will bring the new customers with them! 

4. Run Special Limited Time Promotions (Such As A Happy Hour)

Of course, nothing gets people in the door like a little fear of missing out (FOMO). Don’t hesitate to have your small business run limited time sales, offers, or reward programs that are here for a while, and then gone after a few weeks. You can promote your business and also drum up your customers at the same time. 

Depending on the type of business that you have, you might find that certain promotions make more sense than others. For example, restaurants and bars can look at creative happy hour concepts because happy hour is universally loved! Online stores might run special offers for people who sign up for a course or product within a given time frame, and local brick and mortar businesses might run sales.

These promotions are a great way to get people into your business, and it is also a great way to connect to old and new customers alike.

5. Be Persistent 

Finally, while it might seem like a good idea to constantly shift gears and change tactics based on what is popular, you should pick a few methods of attracting customers and stick with them. It is going to be better for you in the long term because eventually all of that hard work is going to pay off, but if you keep switching back and forth between different tactics, you will be spending a lot of effort getting nowhere. 

No matter what, you are going to get some customers, and eventually your business is going to be the talk of the town. Just don’t be afraid to work hard and wait for them.

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