How To Honeymoon With Your Family In New York

How To Honeymoon With Your Family In New York

If you want to do a honeymoon with your family – explore doing it in New York – because there’s lots to do for a familymoon.

Not everyone wants to spend a honeymoon holding their partner’s hand and staring into their eyes like a love-struck teenager. That’s particularly the case if you’ve been together for years and for whatever reason, have only just gotten around to tying the proverbial knot.

When you’ve both been married before and have kids from previous relationships, taking the entire family on honeymoon with you can be one way of cementing the foundations of your new family.

If you’re considering doing that, though, play it smart and invite the in-laws along as well. Then you won’t have to resort to hiring strangers as babysitters when you want to go on a date night.

While exploring the romantic and family-friendly locales of New York for your honeymoon, you might also be inspired by the city’s vibrant business culture. For those considering turning inspiration into action, understanding how to create llc New York can lay the foundation for your entrepreneurial dreams in the Empire State.

Aside from traveling to New York (perhaps with your babysitters), another convenient thing to do on your trip to New York is to store your bags. With many luggage storage locations in the city, you won’t have to worry about dragging your suitcases through the busy streets.

I’m sharing about this – because I live in New York! And so I am highly aware of how New York is an exciting destination for a familymoon.

Plus I’m also a bestselling relationship author and founder of the therapist recommended online program: The Secrets of Happy Couples Course. I love to help people in love to stay in love. So I put together this article with tips to enjoy a fun family honeymoon in New York City!

Coming up you’ll learn all you need to do to make your New York familymoon a truly memorable experience. I will share with you how to find the right accommodation, plus organize activities that suit all ages and tastes. And I’ll give you tips to make sure you have at least a little time alone with your new partner.

Key To A Great Family Honeymoon In New York

You may have guessed by now that taking your family with you on a honeymoon to New York isn’t going to be as easy as you’d hoped. And you’re not wrong. Keep reading, though. You’ll discover the key secrets to getting your trip right. And how to avoid the things that can turn a familymoon into a family disaster.

Here’s what should be at the top of your priorities list:

  • Family-friendly accommodation
  • Family-friendly activities
  • A special date night for you and your partner

Family-friendly Accommodation

When you’re taking your family to New York with you on your honeymoon, unless they’re teenagers and want to be on a different floor of the hotel to you, guaranteed you won’t be booking the honeymoon suite. There are lots of family-friendly hotels in New York that have connecting rooms as well as rooms with bunk beds for kids if they’re too young to be in a room on their own.

One hotel in particular that truly welcomes families is the Loews Regency on the Upper East Side. This smart hotel is within walking distance of several of New York’s most popular family activities. So you don’t have to take the subway or fork out for cabs. They also have a full library of kiddie’s books and games that they loan out if you need an early night and want to keep the kids occupied.

Another fantastic hotel, and one that’s right in the thick of things, is the Millenium Times Square. You’ll be able to have a cheeky cuddle while the kids are mesmerized watching the lights of Time Square flashing below. They’ll love the welcome teddy they get to keep. And the special kid’s toiletries will have them running to the bathroom. If you decide to eat at the hotel rather than go out, you’ll find the kid-friendly menu in the in-house restaurant will suit even the fussiest of eaters. 

Family-friendly Activities In New York

When you’re taking the family with you on your honeymoon to New York, you might as well forget about a leisurely breakfast in bed. The incredible New York vibe will mean the kids will be super-charged and raring to go. From the minute they wake up, you will be sure to have plenty of activities planned.

Go To See The First Lady

Unless it’s not your first family visit to New York, there’s no way you can miss taking the kids on the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. It’s only a short trip. But one the youngsters will enjoy. They’ll be super happy to take pictures of you newlyweds with the statue and New York in the background. It’ll look great on their social media. Well, as long as they don’t drop their phones overboard.

Roosevelt Island Tramway

Start to develop the kid’s and older folk’s heads for height because after taking them on the Roosevelt Island Tramway, they’re seriously going to need them for what comes after. Ride the tramway from the Upper East Side in Manhattan over the East River to Roosevelt Island. Everyone will have their noses pressed against the window all the way. The views are fantastic. And as it’s (at most) a 15-minute ride. So no one will have time to get dizzy.

Coney Island Day Out

Young and old will be over the moon with a day out in Coney Island. There’s really nowhere more iconic for vacation fun in New York than Coney Island. Walk the promenade, lounge on the sands. Eat corn dogs and sugar candy. Hit the roller coaster rides in Luna Park. Spend a full day out here. It’ll be a mini-vacation in itself. And one that will make sure no member of the family has grounds to complain when you go out on your own for date night.

Date Night For Two In New York

When it boils down to basics, a familymoon is still your honeymoon, so don’t think you’re out of order by going on a special date night for two only. Let’s face it, romance can’t be dead, or you wouldn’t have gotten wed. If you don’t have the in-laws with you to babysit, you’ll find that the majority of family-friendly hotels will offer a babysitting service. Make the most of the service, get dressed up to the nines, and take a cab to somewhere like Serra by Birreria for dinner in a sky-high restaurant decked out like the Garden of Eden. It doesn’t get more romantic in New York than that.

With a bit of forward planning, you can turn a honeymoon into a family vacation that will keep everyone happy and make enough great memories to keep you going once you get back to normal life. Don’t forget, honeymoons, or familymoons, don’t last forever, but their memories do.

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