If You Use Any of These 10 Phrases, You’re a Resilient Person

If you use any of these 10 phrases, you’re a resilient personIf you want to be more mentally strong, these are the top phrases a resilient person uses to keep moving forward – no matter how challenging the situation.

For some, the challenge of resilience begins as early as that morning alarm, that nagging reminder of the struggles ahead.

If that’s you – no worries! I’m here to help you to feel more resilient – by sneaking you the top 10 phrases used by a resilient person.

I’m sharing this guide because I am the bestselling author of the resiliency psychology book called – The Bounce Back Book. Plus I’m also a resiliency columnist for Psychology Today.

I recognize that many people do not naturally possesses this quality of resilience. And – it’s especially challenging to feel resilient after you’ve faced a string of disappointments – or if you’ve grown up in harshly critical environments.

However, with a little guidance – and a shift in perspective and mindset – anyone can learn to harness their inner resilience.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into these top phrases that a resilient person uses.  And if you catch yourself nodding along as you read these, give yourself a pat on the back. It means you’re stronger than you think.

10 phrases a resilient person uses to stay strong

As a leading behavioral change expert for the last few decades, I’ve seen first-hand the transformative power of words. So if you’re seeking to feel more resilience, mindfully use the following phrases as your playbook for resiliency.

1. “This too shall pass.”

Why it keeps you resilient: Acceptance of temporary pain and the belief in future joy are cornerstones of resilience.

Example: Going through a tough breakup or job loss, and reminding oneself that brighter days lie ahead.

2. “I can learn from this.”

Why it helps you to be resilient: It turns setbacks into set-ups for growth and evolution.

Example: After failing at a task, instead of wallowing in defeat, one looks for the lesson.

3. “Every problem has a solution.”

Why it’s a resiliency motivator: It fosters a problem-solving mindset and encourages action.

Example: Faced with an unexpected financial hurdle, rather than panicking, one starts brainstorming ways to handle it.

4. “I’ve faced worse and survived.”

Why it’s a resiliency tool: Uses past experiences as a reference point, building confidence for the present challenge.

Example: During a particularly tough week, recalling past challenges that were overcome to boost morale.

5. “I trust myself to handle this.”

Why it helps you to be a resilient person: Fosters self-reliance and belief in one’s capabilities, reducing dependence on external validation.

Example: When considering a significant life change, like a career shift, believing in one’s adaptability.

6. “Challenges shape me, they don’t define me.”

Why it’s resilient: Prevents being trapped by circumstances, focusing instead on growth and evolution.

Example: After a personal mistake, ensuring it doesn’t become one’s entire identity.

7. “I control my reactions, not the situation.”

Why it’s a helpful resilient tool: Highlights personal agency in any circumstance, emphasizing emotional intelligence.

Example: In a heated disagreement, choosing to respond calmly instead of mirroring aggression.

8. “What’s the next right move?”

Why it’s resilient: Encourages action and forward momentum even in uncertainty.

Example: After a setback in a long-term project, determining the immediate next step to get back on track.

9. “I’m not alone in this.”

Why it’s a resiliency motivator: Cultivates a sense of connectedness, reducing feelings of isolation.

Example: During personal struggles, reaching out to friends or support groups for shared experiences.

10. “Tomorrow is another chance.”

Why it helps you to be a resilient person: Reinforces the idea of fresh starts and new opportunities, preventing one from getting stuck in today’s failures.

Example: After a day full of mistakes, choosing to reset and approach the next day with renewed vigor.


These 10 resiliency boosting phrases can truly help you to bounce back from tough times.

Remember: Resilience is like a muscle, and with the right exercises (and mindset shifts), it can be strengthened.

Whether you’re looking to deepen your resilience or develop it from scratch, I’m here to help. As a leading Behavioral Change Expert (for a few decades now), I’d love to help you to turn any of your setbacks into comebacks. I invite you to work with me one-on-one via Zoom sessions.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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