Major Depression: What to Do About It

If you are suffering my major depression, here are some helpful, loving insights for what to do about it.

Note: This article is written by Yazminh AB

Depression and suicide don’t only happen to other people in a galaxy, far, far away. At a local high school, one which my kids formerly attended, and one that was highly rated for its academic curriculum, suicides happened.

Last count, we lost eight kids in four years. That’s a lot of overwhelming pain in one prosperous, well-educated, first world community!

Even though some people may be more prone to depression than others, no one is immune from experiencing some form of depression at least once in his/her lifetime. And if one has been in a deep, dark state without a line of sight towards hope for a long enough time, the thought of suicide can sprout and take over the landscape. Blink, and it can happen.

HOWEVER, in that micro-suspended moment, miracles can happen, too.

A person who has taken a hard fall and is tumbling down a mountain towards a cliff sees no other choice but to go over it.

The spinning, bumping, and bruising is painful and disorienting.

To the suicidal person, it would take a miracle to change course.

If you are that person, this is for you:

When you’re at the point where your toes meet the cliff’s edge, STOP. Don’t move; don’t even Major Depression: What to Do About Itblink. Put all your energy into doing nothing at that moment.

This is no easy feat:

When you’re rolling downhill, stopping motion takes superhuman strength.

But you can do it; if you’ve been carrying the burden on your own for this long, you have no common household strength.

And here’s the tip-off to creating “miracles,” something your disoriented, hurting self insists cannot happen: You may roll down right to the edge of the cliff, but you will never simply roll off.

YOU are the one who has the power to stop the drop.

In all its bittersweet irony, when you feel most powerless and hopeless, recognize that you actually have this ultimate power. Instantly, connect to the fact that neither you nor your life is worthless or powerless.

Pocket Challenge:

Major Depression: What to Do About ItThink of a time when you were innocent and naïve. Write a letter to that version of you. Give him/her words of encouragement, love, praise, advice. Be as generous and as loving as possible. Let him/her know that everything is going to be alright.

Make copies of this letter and put each copy in an envelope. On the envelopes, write: “Truth.” Keep one close to your bed, and one in your wallet/purse. If you ever become disoriented with feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, hopelessness, or sorrow again, pull the letter out and read your truth.

Note: This article is written by Yazminh AB

Here’s a poster for you to share on the subject of mental illness.

Major Depression: What to Do About It

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