Are pressures of the world creating anxiety? Do this…

Next time the pressures of the world are making you anxious, do this...If pressures of the world are creating anxiety, do this…

Note: This is a guest essay by Annie Kaszina

In our high-pressure world, the seething and simmering of depression and anxiety is regrettably commonplace.

That seething and simmering can devour a great deal of a person’s energy and awareness.

I have a helpful tool to dial down anxiety.

My name is Annie Kaszina and I help stressed, professional women to stay buoyant – even when times are tough – so that they can cope effectively with  the challenges that Life throws at them.

Whenever a client comes to me and tells me that feelings of depression and anxiety are getting her down, I tell her she’s been otoshibuta’d!

Unless you are Japanese, or a passionate cook, nobody could blame you for not knowing about the otoshibuta.

An otoshibuta is the round drop lid, usually made of wood, that sits inside a pan and stops food bobbing around as it cooks in simmering liquid.

Most people seem to have a metaphorical – unidentified – otoshibuta that can keep them submerged in their simmering feelings of unhappiness.

This metaphorical otoshibuta mood-dropping lid operates by stealth.

You might register your immersion into simmering unhappiness – but you do not spot the otoshibuta dropping on you.

The virtual otosibuta can drop on a person for various reasons.  

• Difficult circumstances or life situations.

• A vulnerability to the criticisms of other.

• Childhood experiences that did not build confidence and self-worth.

• A sudden overload of stressors.

What to do when you feel submerged in anxiety…

• First of all, recognize that you are having an Otoshubuta Moment.

• Next, do what works for you to lift that lid, whether that means asking for help, contacting a friend, finding something to laugh at like a hyena, dancing like nobody is watching (preferably when nobody is watching) or getting out into nature. 

• Notice how you can lift that lid by turning your focus on something that gives you pleasure.

Life can be tough, no doubt about it.  

However, being stuck under an otoshibuta only makes things worse. 

It gets in the way of your natural buoyancy.  

You must remember:  

  • You were born buoyant. It’s your natural state of being. You have the power lift the otoshibuta lid – and thereby lift your emotional level to one of peace and clarity. 
  • Bad things happen to a person. So do bad feelings. Still, bad feelings are not who you are.  Do not let them Otoshibuta you.

About the author: Annie Kaszina is an award-winning author, coach and speaker who has spent the last 13 years coaching women across 5 continents around love, happiness and fulfilling relationships.  Her last book, “Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband” won 5 awards and became an Amazon bestseller.

Think happier. Think calmer.

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