7 Things Parents of College Bound Kids Need to Do To Be Prepared

7 Things Parents of College Bound Kids Need to Do To Be PreparedSending your child to college can be a huge moment. You may feel as though they are growing up too fast. It can bring about a lot of uncertainty, anxiety and pressure. If you want to give your college bound kids the best start possible, here are….

7 Things Parents of College Bound Kids Need to Do

1. Save Early For College Expenses

Your first priority should always be to save as much money as possible. Be sure to explore government helpful strategies in the country and state you live. They can really give you the monetary boost you need.

By saving as soon as possible, you can ensure you give your college bound kids the financial cushion they need.

2 Reminders:

  • You not only need money for tuition. Be sure to put aside money for your kids to purchase books and get a good living space.
  • Explore encouraging your kids to get part-time jobs to save up for college. This will also help them to feel more independent… plus give them a head-start on their CV.

2. Help College Bound Kids To Meet Study Deadlines

Be sure to make the effort to remind your college bound kids about important exam dates and make sure they have enough time to prepare.

Do what you can to make it as easy as possible for them to study. For example, it may be worth it to invest in a portable laptop. When you do, you give them the chance to study any subject at any time – plus do coursework on the go. Be sure to remind your kids to download the right software, such as MS Word, a PDF editor for Mac or even study tools.

3. Help College Bound Kids To Create Budgets

When your child goes to university, this will probably be the first time they have ever had to take control of their finances. For this reason, you need to sit down with your college bound kids, so you can chat with them about how to create a reasonable budget. Take time to work out how much money they will need on a monthly basis to pay for all expenses. Be sure to explore all expenses: food, rent, utility bills, phone costs, internet costs, etc.

2 Reminders:

  • Take time to show your college bound kids how to set up online payments for bills
  • Help them to get a range of student discount cards.

4. Set Up A Bank Account

Many banks will offer your college bound kids a student account. When your child chooses one, you will be giving them access to a huge range of helpful deals -and access to a great deal of financial responsibility. Talk to them about all aspects of this bank account.

The good news: A student account can assist your child in getting the financial help they need at university and encourage them to be more in control of their money.

If you are concerned about your child not having enough money, then it may be worth setting up a savings account. Simply assist your child in paying forward a set amount of money into this account every week. If they ever find themselves in a difficult situation, they can easily get themselves out by going to the savings account.

5. Give College Bound Kids Cooking Lessons

You might not be the best chef around. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be able to offer your child some useful cooking tips. Ask your college bound kid what they would most love to cook at university – then teach your child how to cook it. Plus, show your child basic recipes that don’t require expensive ingredients. You should also teach your college bound kid about food storage. For example…Rice needs to be cooled as quickly as possible to prevent bacterial spores from forming.  Plus, some foods go bad sooner than others.

6. Teach College Bound Kids About Batch Cooking

Another thing that you need to teach your child is batch cooking. Cooking in bulk is the cheapest way for college bound kids to make a lot of meals in a very short space of time.

When batch cooking, it is important that you …

  • remind them to cook healthy foods as often as possible
  • tell them to separate everything into appropriate serving sizes
  • purchase them microwavable containers – so food is super fast to heat up

7. Talk Openly With Your College Bound Kids About Fears And Desires

You must recognize that your college bound kid has a lot of worries about the uncertainty of being at university. Take time to talk with them about their concerns – and help to put their mind at ease. Reassure them that it is safe to talk with you about anything and everything – including drugs, alcohol, stress eating, sex, bad grades, bad break ups, and bullying.

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