4 Financial Services and Securities Jobs to Know About in 2022

4 Financial Services and Securities Jobs to Know About in 2022There are a raft of roles across the financial services jobs industry which might be a good fit for anyone considering a career in this sector right now.

In fact, narrowing down your options might be the tough part.

As you might know, I’m a Peak Performance Coach, helping people to live their lives at their highest potential.

So I put together this helpful article, about all which financial services and securities jobs are making the most waves in 2022.

4 Financial Services and Securities Jobs to Know About

Read on to learn the pros and cons of each of these financial services and securities careers.

1. Financial Advisor

Working as a financial advisor is arguably the most varied and versatile role available. You will get hands-on with the assets of clients. And you will give them expert guidance on how to make the most out of their money – both today and for years to come.

Average salaries for financial advisors sit at just under $90,000, according to BLS figures.

And the outlook for this job is promising, with five percent growth in the number of people employed in this role predicted to 2030.

Of course you will need to be fully trained and accredited to work as a financial advisor in your state. And if you want to do things like advise on securities, you will need additional qualifications. Check out Series 63 study materials, even if you do not take the licensing exam immediately.

2. Financial Analyst

If you have a keen analytical mind and an eye for detail, becoming a financial analyst could be the right move.

One reason that this job remains appealing: It lets you work for a variety of organizations, from investment firms to consultancies and corporations. 

You’ll be expected to…

  • assess spending
  • put together models to forecast future financial developments
  • have your finger on the pulse of the wide economy
  • extrapolate the impact this will have on your employer

Salaries average at around $84,000 for financial analysts. Although of course this can go much higher, especially in roles for major employers.

3. Investment Analyst

Working in investment banking is a dream for many. Happily it is a surprisingly attainable one at that. You just need to have the right training and education under your belt.

Investment banks are big players in the finance world, from selling securities to brokering trades. And analysts typically represent the lowest rung of the ladder in this type of organization. 

So while a starting salary might be around $70,000 at the moment, this typically rises rapidly over the course of a career as you climb higher.

Analysts in investment banking roles are expected to …

  • scrutinize the performance of businesses to determine the investment prospects they might offer

It can be a high pressure job. But one which rewards those that are up to the task of coping with the strain and taking the rough with the smooth. You can also start working as an outsourced chief investment officer. To know more, click here.

4. Accountant

Accountants are needed by individuals and businesses across the country and around the world. Why? Because balancing the books and keeping on top of tax obligations is a must regardless of your earnings or background.

Accountancy may not be as glamorous as working in other arms of the financial services industry. But the key point here is that it is a very reliable and consistent profession, with good long term prospects and less susceptibility to the peaks and troughs of the markets.

Certification is of course needed to become an accountant. Median salaries are a more modest $55,000. But the portability of this profession is appealing. You don’t just need to work in big cities, as there is demand for accountants almost everywhere.

Your next step: See how your skills and ambitions align with the financial services and securities jobs that are out there. Then you must make a decision where you want to work.

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