Why Your Business Needs Steam Trap Insulation: A Closer Look

Why Your Business Needs Steam Trap Insulation: A Closer LookDid you know that using steam for indoor heating purposes really started to take off in the 1880s?

Since then, the use of the steam trap has continued as an efficient and effective way of heating interior spaces in offices, buildings, and homes.

Although the production of radiant heat is effective, there are further measures that you should take to increase efficiency for your types of steam traps.

One of the best approaches to take is to invest in steam trap insulation for your steam pipes.

There are a number of reasons why businesses are turning to thermal insulation as the best insulating for their steam traps.

The good news is that you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about why you should consider getting insulation for your business’s steam trap.

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With this in mind I put together this quick guide on everything you need to know about steam trap insulation.

Why Your Business Needs Steam Trap Insulation

Keep reading to learn more about the many benefits of a steam trap insulation for your business.

1. Conserves Energy

One of the biggest reasons why businesses are using thermal insulation is that it helps to conserve a great deal of energy compared to non-insulated steam traps. The lack of insulation allows for the loss of heat within the steam traps and the pipes. This means that the system requires more energy and water in order to make up for that lost heat.

It is a wise investment to consider getting insulated steam traps for your business’s heat needs as you’ll see much lower energy bills and save money in the long run.

2. Prevents System Failures

Systems that work with steam are prone to facing early failures due to corrosion. The corrosion occurs because of the build-up of carbonic acid. Carbonic acid leads to aggressive levels of corrosion in steam pipes and steam traps. The good news is that the corrosion occurs when the temperature of the pipes falls below 204 degrees Fahrenheit.

Getting insulation for your steam trap is the perfect way to prevent this premature corrosion and costly repairs.

3. Better Temperature Control

You’ll also gain a much greater deal of control over the temperatures that get produced by your steam system. The insulation allows you to control the temperature within your steam traps. The traps and the steam pipes aren’t releasing heat and energy into the air around them.

When that heat escapes, it causes lower pressure levels and temperatures within the pipes. You’ll also experience much greater levels of condensation when this happens.

Thermal insulation is the best insulation for preventing a loss of temperature control and the condensation issues that happen when control is lost.

4. Better Steam Quality

If you want better steam quality then you need to be ready to invest money into getting the best insulation. Your steam trap will lose less heat and produce better steam when it has proper insulation for keeping the heat in.

Start Looking for the Best Insulation for Your Steam Trap

Getting the right thermal insulation for your steam trap is a vital part of ensuring that you’re lowering your energy bills. It also helps with producing the best quality of steam possible. It will also go a long way for keeping your steam heating system free of any corrosion and premature failures.

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