4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Rehab Facility

choosing rehab facilityIf you’re considering choosing a rehab facility to help you through challenging times, you will want to ask these 4 questions.

Mental health is of utmost importance. It’s important to note that mental health issues aren’t just emotions that you’re not capable of handling on your own.

Sometimes, these can already be too severe and debilitating that one already needs professional help.

Yes, anxiety and stress can be managed by yourself. However, there might be instances when rehab is necessary.  

4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Rehab Facility

Rehab is a treatment course wherein a person will stay in a comfortable facility, like the California Rehab Campus, with professionals who can help them get back on track. Moreover, you should be careful with the rehab facility you’ll choose so you can guarantee success. With that, listed below are the questions to ask when choosing a rehab facility. 

1. Do You Provide 24-Hour Care?  

In usual cases, a rehab facility should provide patients with three hours of therapy daily, five days per week. However, there might be instances wherein your loved one may need additional care hours that can be outside of the daytime working hours. With that, you need to ask the rehab facility if they can offer 24-hour care so you can guarantee that your loved one is getting enough and proper care, allowing them to have a successful treatment.  

If a rehab facility offers round-the-clock service, you should confirm if they’d be having different caregivers. This way, you’ll be able to know if your loved one would be comfortable with various caregivers attending to their needs. 

2. What’s Your Success Rate?  

Of course, you’d want to have the best of the best service for your loved one when they enter a rehab center. Since they’re going to enter a facility for quite some time so they can focus on their wellbeing and bringing their mental state back to normal, you’d want them to get the best service possible. That way, you won’t be wasting a single cent. 

Rehab treatment isn’t cheap, that’s why you need to look for one of the best rated drug rehabs in the US to guarantee that your loved one will leave the facility clean. You should know that different rehabs can cater to different habits, and there’ll always be one that they’re exceptionally good at.  

Before you check in your loved one to a rehab facility, you should confirm their success rate over the years and if they could provide proper proof of success so you can be at ease. To ensure that you’re putting them in the best facility, you should canvass different facilities so you can pick one that’s worth your money.  

3. Can The Facility Handle Your Specific Needs?  

A rehab facility isn’t just responsible for cutting a person’s addiction or bringing their mental state back to normal. They should also be responsible for taking care of one’s health, especially those with special needs.  

In most cases, a patient in a rehab facility would have an underlying illness on top of their mental health issues. It could be a stroke, fractures, Parkinson’s disease, or brain injury, to name some. Having said that, it’s best if you ask the rehab facility if they have specific programs that can handle the patient’s particular health needs.  

4. What Is Your Staff-To-Patient Ratio?  

You can’t expect a single staff member to care for a patient in a rehab facility the entire 24 hours as they might be needing to handle numerous patients while on their shift. With that, it’ll be wise if you could ask the rehab facility about their staff-to-patient ratio so you can guarantee that your loved one will be getting enough care and attention.  

Moreover, you can expect more than one staff member to care for your loved one in a rehab facility as they’re responsible for different tasks. One could be handling personal care, one for treatments, and another one for companionship. You should also have an exact number of staff members who’ll be caring for your loved one, as well as how many patients each one will be handling at the same time.  

Conclusion On Choosing Rehab Facility

A rehab facility should be a place where your troubled loved one can start anew. With that, you must ensure that they could get the best help so they can recover successfully as soon as possible. Asking questions to the rehab facility is a must so you can guarantee that your loved one is getting the best help possible. While it can be difficult to see your loved one enter a rehab facility, just think about how it’ll help them and make them a better person.

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