5 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

5 Natural Ways To Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

If you’re not feeling well, you might benefit from these 5 natural ways to cleanse your body of toxins.

People are always exposed to environmental pollutants or toxins found in drinking water, food, and air. The major organs responsible in eliminating biologically harmful compounds from the body include the kidneys, the lymphatic system, and the liver. The lungs also get rid of toxins, like carbon dioxide during exhalation. 

Aside from ingestion and inhalation, some toxins are absorbed through the skin, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, and formaldehyde. These come from personal care products (like makeup, lotions, and shampoos).

Toxins undermine bodily functions by poisoning enzymes, displacing structural minerals, and damaging organs in the body. These harmful substances also modify and damage genes, speeding up aging, and suppressing the body’s defense system. Hence, it’s crucial to get rid of toxins in the body regularly.

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In this article I will be sharing some natural ways to cleanse your body of toxins so you can be your healthiest self!

5 Ways to Naturally Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

Learn these simple, natural ways to cleanse your body of toxins.

1. Use A Sauna 

When toxins accumulate in your body, you may experience fatigue, sleep impairment, difficulty in concentration, and depression. A great way to eliminate toxins is by going to a sauna, a room with wooden interiors and sauna rocks (the heating element), heated between 70 to 100 degrees Celsius, or 158 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Saunas are usually found in spas, recreational centers, gyms, and community centers. Using a sauna room is relatively simple. Just enter the room, close the door, sit down comfortably, and breathe deeply. The steam produced in a sauna is created by pouring water on the rocks. You can take advantage of sauna by having a 15 to 20 minutes of sauna session three to four times weekly. A 15 to 30 minutes cooling down time in between is highly recommended. 

Here are some amazing benefits of the sauna in toxins removal from the body:

  • Improves Cardiovascular Function: Saunas help remove harmful substances from the cells to create healthy blood cells, and a strong immune system. A session relaxes your muscles, reduces blood pressure, and improves blood circulation. 
  • Improves Skin Health: Sweating increase blood and the metabolism, particularly improving skin health, reducing oils and bacteria, and getting rid of dead skin cells.
  • Improves Brain Function: When the body heat increases, it naturally produces endorphins or ‘happy hormones,’ which help in muscles relaxation, reducing tension naturally and easily.

2. Modify Your Diet

Toxic overload causes different signs and symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, diarrhea, sore throat, excessive urination, nasal congestion, vomiting, and diarrhea. You might observe changes to your body odor and the amount of oil on the skin because of the body’s attempt to release toxins through skin pores.

It’s important to get the right support for your body in removing toxins faster through lifestyle changes.

Here are some ways to modify your diet to cleanse toxins from your system: 

  • Restrict your intake of dairy products, red meat, processed food, eggs, poultry, fish, alcohol, nicotine, caffeine, and inorganic produce such as wheat, corn, and soy.  If you’re having trouble with your willpower, grab these psychological tools for mastering your food habits.
  • Add fresh herbs, organic green vegetables, lentils, beans, and whole grains such as quinoa, oats, and amaranth into your diet.  
  • Consume organic plant-based foods to support your kidneys, liver, and digestive tract to detoxify the body. Some of these are dandelion, parsley, turmeric, wheatgrass, cilantro, and milk thistle–all for organ detoxification. 
  • Drink lots of warm water to flush out toxins from your organs. 

3. Get Fresh Air

Regular deep breathing exercises can help release toxins through the lungs. So, you might want to try yoga in an open area, like your patio, to get fresh air and relax your body.  Learning yoga can help you to be more mindful of your body, especially your breathing and movements. Taking a walk to get fresh air early in the morning, and jogging, can help get rid of toxins from the lungs, too. 

4. Limit The Use Of Electronics 

Take a break from using your smartphone, watching television, and staying in front of other electronic devices the first hour once you get up in the morning, and two hours before bedtime. The lights that electronics emit prevent melatonin production. Melatonin is a critical hormone believed to help your body fall asleep. Lacking this hormone leads to detoxification problems, in turn, compromising the immune system.

5. Be Wary Of Products You Use

Personal care products contain toxins that can harm health. When shopping for skincare and hygiene products, choose natural, fragrance-free personal care products. These natural products are free of toxins such as parabens, phthalates, lead, and sulfates.

Conclusion: Naturally Cleanse Your Body Of Toxins

Toxins cause different bodily changes. Your body attempts to expel toxins in the early stages through various signs and symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. But continuous accumulation of toxins results in impaired organ function, causing medical conditions such as liver disease. Therefore, following the tips shared above can help you cleanse your body of toxins. It can help you attain a healthier body, and a deeper sense of overall well-being.

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