Fun Sports for Moms to Stay in Shape

Fun Sports for Moms to Stay in Shape

If you’re a busy mother (like me) then you will appreciate these fun sports for moms to stay in shape and be healthy!

Ever since I was a child in my own mother’s care, I realized early on that exercising while caring for children isn’t simple.

Even the best-laid exercise plans can get easily thrown out the window by an over due homework assignment.

Plus when it comes to household chores, whether you are a working mom or stay-at-home mother, there’s always a ton to do: cleaning, cooking, shopping, comforting, etc…

All the moms I know share the same complaint: There’s never enough time in the day to do everything you gotta do.

For this reason, I pulled together this quick article for mothers with some fun sports ideas for how to stay in shape. 

As you might know I’m a bestselling wellness author and founder of the life changing video course Stop Emotional Eating.

I love sharing tips for about how to be your healthiest self. I hope you enjoy these fun sports ideas for busy mothers.

Fun Sport Ideas for Moms to Stay in Shape

If you know a busy mom (or you are one) read on for some fun sports tips to help you keep in shape (while taking a break from your hectic schedule). 

1. Tennis

exercise healthy habitAs a sport, tennis is a full-body exercise. Swinging the racket requires the use of your core and legs as well as your arms.

This exercise is ideal if you want to build muscle and burn calories. To tone your arms, use a tennis racquet for females repeatedly.

These tennis racquets are tailored to fit for women to use, especially the grip and weight.

Having a fundamental understanding of tennis does not need an expensive membership. Take a class with a group of friends. 

2. Swimming

Swimming is another low-impact exercise. Numerous health and fitness experts have hailed this as the most comprehensive exercise they’ve ever seen.

In addition to exercising your muscles, the water’s mild resistance and breathing methods may help you build endurance in your cardiovascular system.

If you’ve never swum before, attend a swimming lesson to master the fundamentals. This is a terrific way to learn a new skill and get great exercise. 

3. Cycling

fun sports for momCycling is a low-impact technique to get in shape.

Biking helps you burn fat even after your exercise is over because it activates some of the larger muscles in your body.

It’s a breeze to get started. Bicycling, it is claimed, is something you never forget.

Buy a new bike and go for a ride around the neighborhood to put that theory to the test.

Hiking trails and bike pathways are two more areas where you may ride. Make use of sites like Sparkpeople.com or Meetup to join a riding group once you get back into the groove.

Consider joining an organized ride in your region if you want a true challenge. 

4. Rowing

Like tennis, rowing is a grueling exercise that develops stamina and a strong core. These two exercises have a similar emphasis on using your arms, but they are also excellent for total-body training.

Rowing is a great way to burn up to 800 calories in an hour. Join a rowing squad instead of going to the gym and using a rowing machine for an hour. Take your time and get used to being in the water. 

The sports on this list will ensure that any mother you know (including yourself) can stay in shape while having fun.

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