How To Create A Relatable Brand To Attract Your Target Audience

Create A Relatable BrandIt is challenging to set up a business and, even more importantly, create a relatable brand that attracts your target audience and market. Fortunately, many have done it, and so can you. However, what is required is to learn from successful entrepreneurs as you set your path to achieve results. Keep in mind that it doesn’t come without taking some risks. Getting the target audience to relate to your brand is critical, and it proves why 59% of shoppers will purchase from names they trust. 

No worries I’m here to help! As you might know, I started my career working in New York’s top ad and marketing agencies – rising up quickly to Senior VP.

But then I quit in my late twenties (to my parent’s horror) to pursue becoming a (hoped for) bestselling author.  Plus I wanted to help people – in a more personal way – as a branding and marketing consultant. Thankfully, my career plan/dream worked out! Now I love to help people in their various entrepreneurial ventures. With this in mind, I created this guide for how to create a relatable brand to attract your target audience.

How To Create A Relatable Brand

1. Take the time to know your target audience

This is the first point to pay attention to because it is the foundation for building a solid brand. The reason is that your brand’s success will depend mainly on how well the target audience accepts it. Who makes up the ideal customer? Secondly, what about a product or service that makes them appreciate a brand? A market and customer analysis would be required to determine all these.

Through this, you will gain better insight into the unique experiences that appeal to the audience. If this strategy seems challenging to do, try this method instead. As an individual, certain brands appeal to you, which explains why you keep patronizing their products. In that case, can you determine what you love about that brand? By doing introspection, you put yourself into the shoes of the customer. This makes it easier to understand all the essential elements to provide details about the target audience.

2. Develop and invest in content that inspires the target audience

If you’ve ever wondered why some global brands have been successful for decades, this is why. There is power in creating helpful content that makes the customer or the consumer feel empowered. More so, it is about the humanization of the brand that makes people identify with it. Apart from creating content that inspires and empowers, making it easy to comprehend and worth remembering is vital.

One way to do this is to incorporate the love for the country into your content. Statistics indicate that 69% of the American population is proud of the nation. That fact alone can be a leeway to create a relatable brand for your business. A strategy that would fit this demographic is to include memorabilia like The Pin Factory design lapel flag badges and other souvenir items to show your brand’s patriotism to the country. 

3. Identify cracks in competitors’ brands

Competition in the entrepreneurial space is expected. Without it, many businesses would not feel compelled to up their game. Moreover, it is quite a crowded market with many brands trying everything possible to win customers’ attention. To do this right, take a good look at your competitors’ business operations to spot things they aren’t doing right regarding relating with the customer.

For example…

  • Do they lack a robust digital presence that offers their customers a platform to interact?
  • Or do they continue to rely on the old way of business marketing without recognizing the changes in that space?

After identifying all these cracks, you stand a better chance to create a relatable brand. You can do this by factoring into your business everything the competitor doesn’t have.

A real-life scenario is when LinkedIn joined the social media scene; very few businesses identified its marketing and advertising prowess in the early years. Fast forward to the first quarter of 2021, LinkedIn’s advertising revenue exceeded $1 billion for the first time! Now, LinkedIn has become a hotbed that new companies are clamoring for ad slots.

4. Be an authentic brand

Building brand authenticity dwells more on making maximum use of truth, accuracy, and integrity. The 21st-century target audience tends to be more discerning than they were decades ago. Furthermore, they expect more accountability with the brands they identify with. Therefore, since you desire to attract the target audience through your brand, you have a huge responsibility to be genuine.

What you say about your brand should be precisely what it does.

It doesn’t help to portray your brand as something it is not. If you do, you risk damaging the positive image you sought to create in people’s minds once they find out. Additionally, in creating a relatable brand, do not forget to allow your personality to shine through. This will enable you to design appropriate marketing videos that show who you say you are to attract consumers who identify with your brand identity.

The contemporary consumer values having a connection with a brand, which influences their purchasing decisions. These tips are a few ways to get suitable attention to grow your business.

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