6 Tips to Stay Safe When Online Dating

6 Tips to Stay Safe When Online Dating Although online dating opens up a world of possibilities you need to stay safe because not every person on the internet has good intentions or is trustworthy.

Prioritize your safety and happiness when with new people, especially those you connect with online. Additionally, don’t take everything as the entire truth. Just because a person sounds nice doesn’t mean they are friendly.

Additionally, just because a person looks attractive doesn’t mean they will be good to you or want to be with you. 

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I recognize that dating online can feel stressful and uncertain. That’s why I’ve put together this helpful list of six tips to stay safe when dating online.

6 Tips to Stay Safe When Online Dating

1. Carry Out Background Checks on Potential Suitors

Before you get too committed or even arrange a physical meeting, carry out a background check. You might want to find out whether the person uses a fake profile photo, whether they’re who they say they are, and other critical details.

For instance, going through the Santa Cruz County marriage records will enable you to find some critical information about the person, such as previous marriages. You may also want to check their social media profiles on what they post, their affiliations, beliefs, or try an inmate finder app to check  if they have had any infraction with law enforcement.

2. Don’t Give Out Personal Details

Keeping your contact information private protects you from being stalked or having your identity stolen. Sharing personal data with someone you don’t know is not the best idea. When you have to share a contact detail, give out a mobile phone number instead of your house number. 

It’s easier to trace your address when someone has your home phone number. It pays to keep the information on all your social media accounts private and block apps from posting your location. 

3. Use Trustworthy Sites

Although there are many ways to meet potential suitors online, stick to reputable websites. For instance, it’s a good idea to use sites that have been around for a long time, have a high member count, and good reputation. However, you might still find cons in reputable sites, making it essential to be cautious. 

It’s crucial to educate yourself on online dating safety and use reputable dating sites with strict security measures. Speaking of reputable dating sites, eHarmony is one that often comes to mind. As a trusted dating site that has been around for over two decades, eHarmony boasts a massive user base of over 10 million active members. Based on a comprehensive personality test, its matching algorithm has helped countless singles find meaningful relationships. In fact, some dating experts at Online For Love reviewed eHarmony. They found that it is a great option for singles looking for a long-term commitment and has a high success rate in helping individuals find long-term relationships and marriages.

4. Avoid Getting in Over Your Head

Remember, you don’t have to commit or even meet up with someone to decide whether they are right for you. Give yourself time, so you don’t get in over your head too soon. When you feel like the other person is rushing you or things are moving too fast, pause, analyze the entire situation and talk to a trusted person. They might be able to pick up clues that signal danger. 

5. Video Chat Often

You can pick a lot with video chats, such as character, body language, eye contact, and other cues that can provide authenticity. Although it’s hard to spot a fake through a video call, the chats can help you size up whether they’re worth your time or not. Cons usually don’t look like their profiles; sometimes, they use fake photos. Also, their surroundings might be inconsistent with what they say. 

6. Be Guarded When Meeting up

Probably this is one of the most important tips as you start dating online. Let a trusted person know where you’ll be and with who. Also, choose a familiar location and avoid secluded areas. In addition, don’t get drunk or take drugs on your first meeting.

Keep in mind that you still don’t know this person very well. Remember to have enough money for your food, transport, and any other emergencies that might occur. 

Always Be Attentive to Your Gut Feelings

If someone doesn’t feel right, don’t meet up with them. Have a safety plan in place for when something doesn’t feel good or feels unsafe. Also, if someone is rude or unfriendly, you should end the conversation early on.

Just like dating offline, online interactions should be about getting to know someone better. As much as a face-to-face meeting is the best way to get to know them better and judge their character, don’t hesitate to call for help when you sense you’re in danger.

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