Smart Ways To Make Your Sleep Routine More Eco-Friendly

Smart Ways To Make Your Sleep Routine More Eco-Friendly

Here are some simple ways to make your sleep routine more eco-friendly so you can help our planet while you’re sleeping.

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle has become a top priority for people all over the US. According to a recent study, almost 80 percent of Americans are more likely to buy a product if it is labeled as environmentally friendly.

Integrating eco-friendly products into our lives is one of the easiest ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, especially if you use these items everyday.

Most people start by doing an overhaul of their kitchen so they could consume more sustainable food. Meanwhile others choose to make over their closet by adding ethical and eco-friendly clothes to their wardrobe.

However, there’s another way that you can make positive changes to your lifestyle. And that’s by making your sleep routine more environmentally-friendly.

Smart Ways To Make Your Sleep Routine More Eco-Friendly

Here’s what you can do for the planet before you get some zzzzz’s.

1. Use an environmentally-friendly night light

Environmentally conscious homeowners are making big changes to their home to create a sustainable environment. One of the most popular home projects involves creating a solar system for home use, which explains why solar panels are so in demand these days. But while solar panels can help us conserve more energy during the day, for some people, it’s a different story at night.

A study has shown that about 11 percent of American adults are afraid of the dark.

In an experiment featured in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, it was found that people who had poor sleep were often uncomfortable in their dark bedrooms. This is likely the reason why so many of us use night lights or a lamp shade at night. While using one can ease anxiety and fear, it can raise your electricity bill. Plus, it may even be a fire hazard.

Not only that… the carbon emissions from a lamp shade with a conventional bulb can be harmful to the environment. For a restful sleep without harming the planet, consider using eco-friendly nightl ights with dimmers and LED bulbs. Some models even automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, which can save you money in the long run.

2. Use natural skincare products

If you consistently do your skincare routine before bedtime, why not make it greener by switching to natural skincare products? Look for vegan or cruelty-free products since they’re never tested on animals.

Moreover, they’re made from plant-derived ingredients that won’t cause any harm to marine life. Remember that some skincare products such as facial washes and scrubs can make their way to waterways and may endanger marine life. So try going natural and do a little good deed to save the environment while looking after your skin.

3. Unplug once you’re in bed

Instead of staying up for an hour or two so you can watch TV or play on your phone before you sleep, try unplugging for better sleep and to heal the Earth. Recent studies show that watching videos or TV shows in HD generates high carbon emissions which can contribute to climate change.

Moreover, exposure to blue light from devices can prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Instead of going on Netflix or YouTube, unwind by reading a book or meditating. Or spend a few minutes playing relaxing music or journaling.

There are many ways that you can switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle. Enjoying a green bedtime routine is one of them. Try these tips to create an environmentally friendly routine for better sleep and a healthier planet. 

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