10 Fun Ideas to Do With Friends Online From Home

10 Fun Ideas to Do With Friends Online From HomeIf you are forced to stay at home due to illness, or for any other reason, this can be a real test. It is especially challenging for socially active people when the soul longs to go shopping with friends, drink coffee in a cozy café, and dance in a nightclub until the morning.

But you have to sit at home alone with yourself.

So close to depression…

However, I believe that there is life in self-isolation too. Moreover, it is fascinating, rich, and not at all lonely. All you need is internet access and this handy list to have some fun with your friends via video call.

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So I put together this article all about fun ideas to do with friends online from the comforts of your home.

10 Fun Ideas to Do With Friends Online

1. Do a cooking master class

Arrange real culinary competitions. Who will make the best cake — you or your friends? Or maybe you have long dreamed of learning how to cook lasagna according to the original recipe, but you never had time for it? Connect with your friends via video call and start cooking because it is so much fun to do everything together. And then organize a joint online lunch where you can share your impressions of the prepared culinary masterpieces. By the way, self-isolation is a chance to learn how to cook — from simple scrambled eggs to baking. And you can always order the necessary products and utensils for cooking online. I love learning new recipes, so tag me on my @notsalmon Instagram account if you share your yummy cooking there!

2. Visit the Museum of Endangered Sounds

As you can understand from the name of the resource, this is a library of nostalgic sounds that someone may associate with childhood, adolescence, or other periods of life. There is the crackle of a turntable, the click of a typewriter, the ringing of an old Nokia phone, a tune from Pac-Man, and more. One press turns the sound on, and another press turns it off. Sounds can be combined and create pleasant background noise.

3. Organize your wardrobe

A great video call activity with friends is the Take It Off Now game. Take turns trying on outfits from your closet and get ratings from your friends. Perhaps this is how you get rid of unnecessary things that have long been out of fashion and only take up space in the closet. Great fun for girls in self-isolation. At the same time, you will sort out the wardrobe and put it in order, and you can always give extra things to those in need.

4. Play some games online

Wondering what to do with your friends via video call when forced to stay at home? (Even if it’s family that you love) Gather everyone in a video conference and play your favorite games or even gamble on Casino Zodiac. Or opt for other team games. Choose a person who will show something in front of the camera, while others will guess. You can also play quizzes and ask questions. The one with the most correct answers wins. If you love playing role playing games and war games try PUBG team match, and click here to find the best games available online.

5. Try DIY

You can find many DIY tutorials on Pinterest. Why not give your home decor a makeover or create new home decor with a friend via video call? For example, on Christmas Eve and New Year, you can make Mason jars with fireflies and terrariums. How about knitting a trendy scarf or warm winter socks with your own hands? Knit together, tell stories, laugh, and drink your favorite grog.

6. Online home cinema

When was the last time you watched a movie with a friend while sitting on the couch at home? If you don’t know what to do with friends via video call during staying at home, watch your favorite TV series or a new movie together that you didn’t have enough time for. You can turn on Sex and the City for the hundredth time, or watch the latest from Netflix.

7. Intimate talk

Let’s face it: usually, we do not have much time for heartfelt conversations with friends. Increasingly, we exchange short messages in chat and are constantly in a hurry somewhere. But what about cozy gatherings with friends and heart-to-heart conversations? Pleasant memories, secrets, and plans for the future… It seems that it is time to meet friends via video call during staying at home and make up for the lack of real human communication. Prepare a snack and drinks and go to an online meeting with a friend to talk enough.

8. Start doing yoga, meditation or fitness

When you constantly sit at home, physical activity decreases, and you simply start to be lazy. You no longer want to play sports, you lie down, watch movies, and constantly eat something. Call your friends via video call, turn on a video lesson of pilates, fitness, yoga or meditation and start improving your well being together. By the way, you can set a goal — to sit on the twine or lose a couple of kilograms. Marathons and competitions are always fun and exciting.

9. Dance

If you are still looking for fun ideas of what to do with friends online, arrange a disco. Turn on the music and dance together. By the way, are you sure you are up-to-date with the latest music news? It seems that now is the time to go through the new tracks and choose the most incendiary songs for dancing. Luckily, TikTok will never let you get bored at home. Shoot videos and then share them. Who will do better?

10. Walk together through “100,000 stars”

This site for Chrome opens up an interactive visualization of countless stars in the Milky Way. Just scroll with the mouse wheel to zoom. You can also change it using the slider on the right side of the screen.

Summing up Fun Ideas to Do With Friends Online

These days you can engage in staying at home via video link with everything that you did in real life. Fortunately, we live in a time of free access to video calling services, and therefore we can keep in touch with loved ones around the world. You do can everything! Arrange bachelorette parties with wine tasting and dancing. Learn something new together. Cook exotic dishes. Watch TV shows and movies. You can play sports and learn dances for TikTok via a video link.

And…of course… you can simply chat over a cup of coffee, share secrets and dreams.

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