How to Create the Perfect Resume: 8 Things to Remember

How to Create the Perfect ResumeIf you’re looking for a job, then you will appreciate knowing how to create the perfect resume. Read on for this helpful, practical guide to resume writing.

When it comes to getting ahead in your career, you might want to shift your focus onto your resume. After all, when you apply for a job or an internship, your resume is the first thing that the employer sees.

Plus they make decisions based on your resume. The right or wrong resume will influence their decision for who to call in for an interview.

Interesting fact: Studies report that employers do not spend more than 30 seconds on your resume. So you must make sure your resume is both classy and eye-catching – so you stand out among your competition when employers are finalizing interviews.

As you might know, I’m a business consultant who helps entrepreneurs, authors and small businesses to create the most successful for themselves. So I decided to pull together this helpful guide for writing a strong resume.

8 Things to Remember When Creating The Perfect Resume

Creating a perfect resume plays a significant part in convincing an interviewer to choose you for the job. So with this in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to build a powerful resume.

1. Correct words

The start of your sentences must be vivid and accurate. Use bullets instead of paragraphs. Keep the sentences short. If you are not sure about the correct usage of words, refer to top resume writing sites and follow their pattern. Do not try to use all sorts of catchy phrases. Use simple plain language and common words known to all. Use the correct verbs which best explain your experiences and skill sets. 

2. Make your achievements and work experience more visible

How to Create the Perfect ResumeYour skills are vital. But your accomplishments speak for them. That is why it is helpful to keep them in focus. Anyone would give you a template that centralizes your achievements.

When you add these things, you will pave your way to a better career and highflying growth in your professional life.

Just be sure that you add legitimate, relevant work experience. And DO NOT stuff menial things you may have done in the third grade. It seems desperate and unprofessional. 

3. Educational Details

Mention your primary and secondary school education. Include the college where you received your bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Your educational background lays the foundation of your basic knowledge. It’s crucial for any job role. 

4. Use numbers

You can better explain what you have accomplished when you use figures and numbers. Write things like “I contributed to 15% of the sales” or “I managed a team of 40 interns.” 

5. Add correct information

Lying on your resume is supposedly one of the biggest mistakes you can make. People assessing your resume are well experienced. They know when you lied. If you want to excel in your career, genuineness is the key to that path. All the more, even if they cannot, and you get the job, you would not be able to correctly fit in because you do not have what it takes to be appropriate for the job in the first place. 

6. Use the correct outline

Whenever you sit down to make your resume, look for the pertinent template, which has sections for all your information. You should look for a template which can segregate all your information neatly, plus also make what you share feel personalized and unique.  

7. Personal information

People spend a lot of time creating the best portfolio and most complete resume. But sometimes people can forget to put in personal details like their email address and phone numbers. This is not only unprofessional looking – it can hurt you bigtime. In an event where you are shortlisted, if the interviewer does not have your contact information, how can they contact you? Therefore, remember to add in these crucial things to your CV.

8. Keep it short

Your resume must not exceed one page – at any cost. A one-page resume is ideal. It puts all things in one frame at the same time, so the decision-making becomes easy. Yours is not the only one under consideration. Try to make it trouble-free for the receiver. 

Conclusion on Creating The Perfect Resume

Keep in mind that you are making the resume to land a job through your skills and achievements. It is not just bragging about everything that you may have done in your life. Make it customized for the job. Enter only relevant work experience or achievements. Take help from online samples if need be. But never copy anything straight off the internet. If all else fails, it is never too late to contact a top resume writing site to help you out. It is crucial to understand the importance of a flawless resume – and even more important to start working towards making one. 

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