The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Great Essay

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Great Essay

If you’re struggling as a writer, you will enjoy reading this beginner’s guide to writing a great essay.

For academic excellence, it is essential to know how to explain, emphasize, and elaborate. Writing essays requires all these skills.

If you’re doing custom writing, you must keep in mind what others usually miss out on – the nuances, the details, the precision.

In this article I want to help you to improve any and all kinds of essay writing.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author of a range of books which help people to live their happiest lives – like my bestseller Happy Habits.

I’ve been writing books for about 3 decades – so I know a lot about writing. In fact, many people have hired me to help them write and publish books. (Learn more here!) Below are a few things to keep in mind while writing essays. 

Tips to Write a Great Essay

Proper preparation

Conduct thorough research. Know about your topic. Create an outline and around it. Do not just sit down and start randomly writing your opinions. Be rational. Pay attention to the demand of the subject. 

Maintain a familiar writing style

Don’t overdo the flashy vocabulary. Many people are so engrossed in writing in a unique way, that they wind up undermininf readability. If you read essays and works of a custom writing service, they make sure the essays are a combo of intelligent, readable and relatable. So make sure your essay is understandable. Be sure to share intelligent information from credible sources written in an easy to read writer’s voice.

Avoid using acronyms and contractions

Make the sentences easy to read – but not generic or casual. Avoid using acronyms. Do not leave anything for interpretation.  Clearly explain whatever you want to say – and you’ll be on your way to writing a  good blog or essay.

Background details

Try to give background details in the introduction. And try to grab them at the “hello” – by making the introduction as captivating as possible. Be sure to include a quick summary of the points that your essay will reveal. 

The main body

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Great EssayInclude everything relevant to the topic – and nothing that counters it. Especially in argumentative essays.

Make sure that you are either totally for or against the subject. You don’t want to come across as indecisive.

Paragraph structure

Make the sentences short and crisp.  Stick to uniformity. Do not repeat sentences to fill up space. Lead the content of your chosen topic toward a specific direction – so you make sure your essay ends conclusively.

Do not leave the reader hanging. In most cases, a great essay excites curiosity – then feeds it.

Basically, you do not want to leave the reader with incomplete information or a foggy understanding. 


Be sure that your essay has a well-crafted conclusion. Try to end with a quick summary of whatever you talked about. Avoid leaving any loose ends hanging. The information must be complete and correct.  

In summary: Writing a Great Essay

Anybody can write an average essay. But to write a great essay is a true art form. You need in depth knowledge of your subject – so you can fully satisfy your reader’s interest. Basically, an essay is a way of taking people through a journey – that you plan. And it’s your job to make sure this journey is as comfortable and colorful as possible.

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