5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

If you’re a blogger with occasional writer’s block or traffic issues, then you will love these 5 tips to improve your blog writing skills!

Most people write blogs to share their experiences. Whether it’s their day-to-day living, traveling moments, or sharing personal touching events like weddings, heartbreaks, and other things. It is like an online diary where people are free to write anything in and in any way they want. Sometimes blogs serve as writing practice for those aspiring writers.

In any way, blogs can be a tool to help you improve your writing skills. Even in schools, teachers require blogs for writing class to see the development of each student and assess if they have picked up techniques and strategies on how to write better.

5 Tips to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills

Whether you want to be a full-time blogger or do casual writing, here are some tips on how to get better at writing blogs.

1. Use a good vocabulary – but avoid complicated words

Academic writing rules are off the table when it comes to writing blogs. This is not an essay or a research paper where teachers scrutinize your work and comment on it. You can write freely on blogs depending on the way you want to express yourself.

But if you want your content to stand out against millions of blogs post on the internet, quality writing is still essential. When you write, always think of your target audience. Using jargon and technical terms may be helpful if you have a particular target audience. But if you want to use words to sound intelligent and credible for the general public, you may lose readers’ interest – because they will not understand.

Having a wide array of vocabulary is essential for a writer. But you have to be mindful of your word choice!

2. Ask someone to proofread your work.

If educational platforms can write my essay uk, can they edit it too?  Of course. Writing services are not limited to service academic needs as long as it is a write-up they can deliver. Before publishing your blog, remember to proofread it first.

Thousands of people may stumble upon your blog.

You do not want them to read an article that is full of errors. This will reflect poorly on you or the company you are working for. If you have a handful of pieces to finish for your blog and you don’t have time for proofreading, you can ask someone to do the proofreading for you. If not, use writing services or applications that can spot your mistakes.

3. Create your own writing style

be different in your blog writingMany aspiring writers are trying to get their breakthrough via the internet.

If you want to separate yourself from your competitor, you must be different.You must outshine them all.

A tip on how to be a better writer: create your style.

If you continue to follow the trend and go with the flow, your work will just mix up with other ignored blogs and pages. 

Yours must be something that catches the eye, something 100% original and made by you.

It may be hard to initially develop your style and strategies. And you may feel like someone is always one step ahead of you. But if you continue writing, you may just get that big break you are looking for. Remember, you only lose when you quit.

4. Do your revisions in the morning.

blog write in the morningsOne of the valuable writing tips you can apply whenever you write is to revise your work in the morning. Continue your writing process when your mind is refreshed and well-rested. If you want to know how to be a good writer, know when you rest.

Most writers pull all-nighters for researching and writing.

Just like our physical body, the mind can also grow tired after a series of workloads.

Your work performance can be affected if you continue to work when you are restless. That is why it is helpful that you do your editing in the morning. You have fresher ideas and insights that can help you improve your article.

Do not compensate quality for quantity. Writing is not a race. A beautifully written piece is more valuable and dozens of rushed articles. Taking breaks in between articles is also a helpful habit to improve your writing skills.

Additionally, take advantage of the technology. You can use applications on the internet that will help you proofread, edit, and check your work for plagiarism.  Writing assistants like Grammarly is very popular with writers because it shortens their time when editing their work. It only takes a few seconds to scan your mistakes and few clicks to polish them. The editing process has never been this easy.

5. Create outlines 

prepare and be organized to succeedA careful plan and design will surely help you come up with an excellent blog entry. Even though when often use the outline on academic papers, it is also useful when you write blogs. Knowing the things to write will smoothen out your writing process.

An outline lets you brainstorm ideas that you will include in the content of your writing.

Outlining gives the entire paper logical consistency, directions, and flow.

Graphic organizers are a helpful tool to outline. And they’re not complicated at all. You can use bullets to list down your ideas. Or you can place your main idea in the center and branch out subtopics you want to discuss in your article.

If you have a clear view of the things you need in your paper, it will help you write efficiently. It will help focus on the things you need to research and narrow down the resources you need. And when you write your article, outlines will help you avoid putting too much information and unnecessary data.

A longer piece does not always mean it is more substantial. If you keep on going in circles, it defeats the purpose of your article. Write straightforward and factual.

Learn more ways to improve your blog writing skills.

Aside from these valuable tips, you can hire me as your 1-on-1 blog writing consultant. I’d love to give you insights and personally tailored tools to practice your craft until you become a truly fantastic blog writer. Learn more here!

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