Answers To 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions

Answers To 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions

When you’re seeking new work, make sure you’re prepared with the best answers to the 10 most common job interview questions. Read on…

Jobs have a very crucial role to play in an economy as well as in the lives of an individual. The growing dimensions of technology accompanied by global competition have impacted both the creation and acquisition of jobs.

A number of new positions are created and closed every year. Hence, job interviews are becoming more dynamic and experimental in approach. Nevertheless, there are some standard questions that still continue to live up to the interviewer’s desk.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned a lot about how to make sure you develop positive habits which lead to your best life – by embracing specific principles of “habit formation.”  A key habit for success is making sure you prepare before a big event – like a job interview.

In this article I will be sharing suggestions for the best answers to the most common work interview questions.

Answers To 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions

Here are some of the most common interview questions that are asked almost every time – and suggested ideas to answer at your best.

1. Introduce yourself

This is the most prominent and classic question asked for getting an introduction of the candidate. It begins the staging process of the interview and lays the foundation of the whole event. Despite the commonness of the question, it still continues to trip a lot of applicants.

2. Why do you need this job?

Through this question, the interviewer tries to access the candidate’s willingness and commitment to the designation. It also highlights the factors of the job that attract him or her. This question tends to tell a lot about the commitment habits and reliability characteristics of the candidate.

3. Give us a reason for hiring you

This question is somewhat similar to the previous question. However, it relates specifically to the benefits that the candidate can provide to the organization. Every recruiter wants a stable and performing resource for its organization and as such the answer should be reflective of the fact.

4. Tell me your strengths

This question is very straightforward and clean in its approach. It is related to the factors that indicate that the candidate can be an asset to the organization. The best answer to this question comprises the characteristics or traits that can directly or indirectly contribute to the benefit of the organization.

5. Tell me your biggest weakness

This is a completely contradictory question to the previous one. However, it plays a key role in the selection process. Through this, the interviewer wants to check the self-analysis power and honesty of the candidate about himself.

6. Why do you want to join the organization?

This question is meant to know how the candidate identifies with the organization. It is imperative for any applicant to know its organization, its culture, and work to give their best to it. The answer should have parity between the company and the candidate’s nature or other attributes.

7. The reason behind leaving the previous organization

This is a tricky question despite it looking straightforward. It tests the honesty of the person and tends to identify their negative prospects. However, answers backed with a positive approach or motive can be the key to it.

8. Greatest achievement till now

This question is somewhat similar to the strength-related question. The perfect answer to this can be any achievement that reflects a backing of the mentioned strengths and characteristics. Such answers will do the job of cracking it.

9. What are your plans for the next five years?

The question is not just what it looks like. Besides checking the candidate’s plans, it tends to coax out the planner’s mindset and gravity of the person. The answers must be related some or the other way with the nature of the job.

10. What salary do you expect?

For answering this question, the candidate must read well the job description and specification. He must also research well for remunerations for similar roles and then quote one to the employer. One can check out the best answers to the sites like Assessment centre HQ.

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