10 Powerful Never Give Up Quotes To Inspire Determination

Please never give up – here are 10 powerful quotes to inspire extra determination to stay strong.

If you found your way to this post, it’s because you’re dealing with a challenge right now.

Maybe it’s a career challenge.

Or perhaps it’s a difficult break up or health struggle.

Whatever your obstacles and setbacks, I’m here to help with inspiring words to motivate you to keep going.

Yes, you were meant to read these words of encouragement. And see these inspirational quotes for extra determination and persistence.

Please don’t give up!

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10 Motivating Never Give Up Quotes

1. Don’t quit before your miracle

#2 Life sure throws a lot

never give up saying

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#3 Give it another shot

keep giving it another shot quote

#4 Keep going

keep going quote

#5 Believe in miracles

unexpected miracles quote

#6 Miracles happen in small shifts

miracles come in small shift quote

#7 Stay strong

stay strong quote

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#8 Repeat after me…

never give up quote

#9 Don’t lose faith

keep the faith quote

#10 Faith it till you make it

faith it till you make it quote

Bonus Never Give Up Quote

What is coming is better than what is gone

don't give up quote

Stay determined & persistent

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