Conversation Tips For Men – Talking To Women

Conversation Tips For Men Talking To WomenIf you’re a single man out there dating, you will love these conversation tips for men to improve how you are talking to women.

Enjoying good conversations with your partner is a key aspect to experiencing healthy and happy relationships.

This is true if…

  • you are already in a relationship with a woman
  • approaching a woman you like

If you lack proper communication skills, you will risk losing the opportunity to enjoy a quality relationship.

With this in mind, you need to become more clear on what women find to be enjoyable conversation.

I’m not only a woman – who’s aware of the right and wrong ways a man can talk to me. I was also chosen to be a relationship columnist by Oprah. Plus I founded a groundbreaking relationship video course called Broken Heart Recovery.

In this article I will be sharing some helpful conversation tips for men to talk to women.

Conversation Tips For Men – Talking To Women

There is no need to stress if you do not know much about how to talk to women confidently. This article shares a lot of helpful info. You can also check out The Absolute Dater for effective tips.

1. Be natural and yourself

This is very important for any meaningful talk and relationship. Gone are the days where cheesy lines and fake compliments worked. Nowadays, women can easily sense your nervousness, lack of confidence, and fakeness.

You must…

  • be relaxed
  • express yourself as who you are
  • share what you are feeling
  • open up about what defines you

You’ll increase the chances of finding a person that who you can connect with –  and identifies with how you feel and view life. 

Plus, when you’re being yourself, you feel more confident and be able to talk more freely and less self consciously. 

Tip: Plan the date at one of your favorite places – where you go often – so feel more at home in the environment. 

2. Find common grounds

When you look for shared interests and beliefs in conversations with women, then you can really scale things up.

Things to be on the look out for…

  • shared nature or elements of personality
  • similar beliefs, thoughts, views
  • shared passions and hobbies
  • similar fears and dislikes

When you find that you have share common interests and/or characteristics, the conversation will pick up momentum and flow very naturally. Soon you’ll feel closer to each other. 

3. Be open-minded & Ask Questions

This is by far the most important tip for talking with women.

You can still connect with someone even if you don’t find obvious common grounds.

With this in mind, men should avoid having pre-conceived notions about someone based upon certain information – or differing points of view. 

Instead of judging – ask a lot of questions. Show interest in what makes this woman different than you.


  • Typecasting and narrow thinking seriously brings down the chances of finding the right one.
  • Human beings coming in infinite varieties. So it’s essential you have an open mindset and stay curious, non-judgmental and accepting – as you listen to the other person share contrasting points of views. 

4. Keep an eye on details

As mentioned earlier, fake compliments are a big no. But genuine compliments can make a lasting impact. In particular, it helps if you notice specific details about the woman which you respect, adore, admire, appreciate.

Oh – and make sure these compliments aren’t simply about her looks or clothes. Make them something more personal related to her personality, accomplishments, talents, character etc… You’ll be making her feel more seen and more understood – which is always wonderful for enhancing a connection.

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