Most Useful Study Hacks for Effective Learning

Most Useful Study Hacks for Effective LearningAs a mom to a son I’m highly interested in helping him to learn useful study hacks for effective learning. I recognize that every student has their unique study routine. Some have to feel an inspiration to finish their assignment. Others can focus on a task after they finish their chores. It is basically a matter of pacing and staying motivated.

Yet, sometimes we all struggle with our productivity and progress. It may be caused by anything from stress to a change in sleeping schedule. So you need to be very attentive to your health, both physical and mental. Make taking care of yourself your priority during your studies.

In this list, you find many useful hacks that can boost your creativity and productivity. Not every hack will be a perfect fit for you, and it’s okay. But the list has some solid advice for students and graduates. Check every one of them and pick the one best working for you. 

1. PaperWriter

College and universities are the time when you are buried under the ever-growing pile of assignments. One of the most common ones you will encounter is paper writing. Don’t be ashamed if you struggle with your essay writing. According to Susan Cohen, a specialist from WriteMyEssaySos, writing A-grade essays is a process, and you should take your time to work on your skills.

 Many students shy away from contacting their professors or looking for external help. But it is completely normal to want to hire a paper writer who will land you a helping hand. For instance, professional writers at PaperWriter work with different types of essays. They can help you deal with any assignment out there. 

2. Studyfy

You can find helpful study and writing tools, various guides on a multitude of subjects as well as proofreading, editing, and tutoring services all in one place. Whether you are dealing with a routine college assignment or getting ready for SAT – Studyfy is a good homework help website. It’s a full-fledged study help platform that can take on virtually any academic task you can think of and then some.

And even if you are not actively studying – you can still spend time there browsing through its blog that has a lot of useful advice on how to enhance your college experience. The site is constantly expanding and improved so you can always find a fresh article to read whenever you visit. 

3. Productivity Apps

Most students struggle with their time management and keeping up with their tasks. That’s when productivity apps come in handy. They let you organize your day in the most efficient way possible.

They allow you to set priority tasks and keep track of your homework. There are plenty of free and paid apps designed for work, but can be easily repurposed to fit the needs of an average student. It can be project-like software or extensions that help you to reduce distractions.

Here is the list of the most popular apps you should check out:

  • Todoist
  • Trello
  • Motion
  • Evernote

 Productivity apps come in all shapes and forms. They are your best friends in the world of chaos. Many of them also allow you to collaborate with your classmates on team projects. So if you find yourself struggling to organize your workflow – give them a try. They may just change your world.

4. Pomodoro Technique

It’s never a good idea to let work pile up in college. But sometimes you just can’t help it. How many times did what should’ve been a several-hour study session turned out to be a neverending nightmare? That’s because the human brain gets tired from long periods of routine work. The best solution to this problem would be to set a timer for a specific amount of hours and get proper rest between study sessions.

The Pomodoro technique can help you with that. Pomodoro website and app are considered to be a productivity app, but we would argue that it is a discipline app foremost. One of the most effective ways is to have short breaks from 5 to 15 minutes between reading or writing. You can get a glass of water or a cup of tea and grab a snack before getting back to it. 

5. Physical Exercise

Physical activity is not everyone’s favorite way to spend a spare hour. Yet, regular exercise can do wonders for your physical and mental health. It is also proven that exercising can improve your cognitive abilities. Your brain is flooded with extra blood, oxygen, and nutrients, after a good exercise, which then improves your thinking.

Overall, you don’t have to buy a gym certificate, the Nike app will give you all the needed advice. Exercises are the cheapest way to deal with the short-term effects of stress and distract yourself from it. Exercise also reduces your stress levels. Whether you are worried about your exams and papers, you can feel the impact of the stress on your memory and focus. 

6. Zoom and MS Teams for Working in Groups

This method is not for everyone. If you are a lone wolf, you can skip this advice. Otherwise, collaborating on the task helps you deal with it quicker. Contact your classmates via Zoom and discuss all problematic aspects of the assignment with them. 

Working in a team can improve your collaboration and communication skills. You can share your insights and brainstorm solutions with your friends. Just make sure you pull your weight when you are studying in a group. Don’t expect others to do all the work. 

7. MyScript Smart Note and Notes Plus

One of the most important skills in your college is taking notes. Many professors encourage you to train in writing down everything you consider relevant. Although we all have notepads and smartphones, the old method of writing down is still popular. And then you have to transfer your notes to the PC, but how?

MyScript Smart Note (for Android) and Notes Plus (for iOS) is designed to scan your writing and transform it into text. Both apps allow you to write over the scanned notes to make the most of your studying experience. They are eco-friendly solutions to buying endless notebooks and can help you with categorizing all your notes efficiently.

Both of them are easy to synchronize with most of the services that you need for your studies. Without a doubt, they will change your whole studying experience. 

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