My Researched Secret to Productivity – From An Author of 32 Books!

Researched Secret to ProductivityHere’s an unusual researched secret to productivity – which is based in metaphysics as well as psychology. It’s helped me to write over 30 books.

As a writer and designer of over 32 published books, I spend a lot of time alone, writing and designing.

Or rather…hopefully writing and designing!

If I’m not feeling in the mood to write or design a specific project on a given day, I simply need to ask my boss for a work extension.

Since that boss is me, I’m usually granted a free pass.

Meaning?  Since my boss is one big wimpy wuss, if I ever want to get work projects completed, I need to master the art of “inner discipline.”

My solution and secret to productivity?

I have an accidental accountability buddy – my assistant Kristy.

Although I hired Kristy to do various project work for me,  whenever she’s with me, I immediately become more disciplined about my own work – just because I know she is watching me.

Turns out I wasn’t imagining the improved productivity -and I’m not alone in working better when I’m not alone.

According to research in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, people generally perform better when they’re being watched.

Research reports that “social awareness” and “desire for reward” increases when people know someone is looking at them – which thereby lights up the parts of their brain that control motor skills.

As a result, being watched creates better performance – as well an extra incentive to work harder,

I thought about this recently and realized:

Being watched by my assisted shares something in common with how electrons and particles wiggle and wave. Physicists report that particles behave differently when they are observed than when they are not observed.  They call it both “Observer Effect” and “Wave-Duality Theory” – and it refers to the changes that the act of observation makes on a “phenomenon” when it’s being observed. In particular, observation has been shown to change how particles can act as both a wave and/or as a particle – all depending upon whether or not they’re being watched.

shutterstock_164391242In one famous experiment, when a camera observed electrons, they acted as particles.


When no camera was used to observe the electrons, they acted as waves and particles simultaneously.

Boy oh boy do I relate to those electrons and particles!

I write and design at a far better level when I’m being observed by Kristy – than when I’m not being observed by Kristy.

I thought about this more – and realized that my son also behaves better when I’m watching him closely,

This got me thinking about how “observation” is yet another word for “attention” – and “attention” is yet another word for “love.”

When I’m giving my full attention to my son, he feels loved and cared for.

I even believe that “attention” is one of the biggest tenets of love.

So much so, studies have even shown that kids and dogs will tend to misbehave just to get attention – even if it’s the negative attention of being yelled at!

They don’t care! They just want some attention – because attention makes them feel loved!


When kids and dogs don’t have people paying any attention to them (observing them) , they feel very unloved – and tend to act badly.

When kids and dogs have people paying lots of attention to them (observing them), they feel very loved – and tend to act at their best.

quote best thing chocolate love attentionAll of this got me thinking more about particles, electrons love and attention. I soon realized that whenever Kristy is with me when I’m working, I feel her presence as an act of love in the room – and I thereby want to behave at my best.

Similarly, maybe those particles behave differently because they too feel that observation is a form of love.

Maybe we all crave love and attention at such a molecular and cellular level, that even a teeny tiny particle craves a little bit of attention – so it too will feel loved!

And maybe this is why particles and electrons tend to act more wiggly and wavy when being observed.

The energy of love (aka attention/observation ) makes the particle excited and happy – and the particle can’t help but wiggle and wave because it feels loved!

Although I’m sort of joking about particles needing to feel love (note: while I’m sort of not joking!), I do feel there is a strong persuasive power in having someone watch what you’re doing – or not doing!

Whether it’s the power of love  (or the power of guilt)  the power of observation is a true force nonetheless!

Conclusion: My Researched Secret to Productivity

If right now you’re having trouble getting a project done, or writing a book, maybe you need to bring in an accountability buddy to help you to feel more wiggly and wavy about doing it.

Or ….you can hire me for 1-on-1 personal coaching – or 1-on-1 business coaching. I wrote a book on building positive habits (called Happy Habits). I’m trained at keeping you on track to meeting your goals and living the life you want for yourself.

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