Living with Alopecia: How To Accept Yourself - Differences And All

Living with Alopecia: How To Accept Yourself – Differences And All

Living with Alopecia

Living with Alopecia is challenging. Here are insights and tips to accept yourself with the changes which happen to your appearance and sense of self.

Note: This is a guest essay by the amazing Hannah Green.

I used to be the person who saw a bald woman and thought “cancer.” But recent events have lead me to know that bald women don’t always equal cancer.

I am bald because of alopecia.

Until being affected by it myself, I had no idea what alopecia was. It’s an autoimmune disorder where your body thinks your hair follicles are foreign bodies and therefore gets rid of them for you – nice huh?!

Having alopecia has made me consider so many things in life – especially societies opinions and views on what beauty is.

People who go against the grain and look different from ‘the norm’ open themselves up to criticism and hurt. They become vulnerable people whom some people prey upon.

I have to be honest here.

I haven’t accepted myself as a bald person yet.

I don’t feel beautiful. It’s not the person I’ve known for thirty years looking back at me in the mirror.

However, what I am learning is that beauty really is only skin deep. A human being’s real beauty is found in their soul – and how they treat others – and how they make others feel is true beauty.

For some people it’s much easier to shout abusive comments and stare at someone who isn’t stereo-typically beautiful. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

I have slowly come to learn that peoples’ words and actions say much more about them – than it does about you. We should make no apologies for who we are – no matter what gender, race, religion, disability, weight, hair color, dress sense. We are our own person and we should be proud of that.

So always remember, everyone is fighting their own daily battle. Be kind to each other and try not to judge.

Oh and let’s spread the word –no matter what the reason for it – out of choice or illness – bald is beautiful 🙂

Note: This is a guest essay by the amazing Hannah Green.

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Hannah Green

Hi, my name’s Hannah and my immune system attacks itself. After being a teacher for almost a decade in the UK and Dubai I’m now the pupil studying everything there is to know about living with an autoimmune disease. At 29 I’m bald, naming wigs after musicians and I’m blogging. Feel free to join me…#Hairless Hannah @greenhannah

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