The Essential Guide To Dominating The Internet

The Essential Guide To Dominating The InternetIf you are eager to become an online sensation, you need to consider how to ensure your business is dominating the Internet.

After all, having a strong online presence is crucial if you want a thriving business – which beats out your industry rivals.

Of course we all know that a website is needed to maintain a professional online presence. However, you also need to think beyond your site – if you really want to dominate the Internet.

As you might know, I started my career working in some of the biggest advertising and marketing agencies in the country! (More about my background here!) I then went on to become a multi-bestselling author with about 2 million books sold globally. (You can see some of my books here.) I also have about 1.5 million online fans and help authors, entrepreneurs and small businesses to dominate the internet via my Brand Honey Consulting! 

In this article I want to share how to make sure you have your cyber fingers in as many pies as possible – from Facebook to YouTube and from guest blogs to podcasting, etc.

The Essential Guide To Dominating The Internet

Take a look below at this essential guide to dominating the Internet for your startup.

Social Media

A major facet of your online presence will be your social media prowess. You need to ensure that your brand has a presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In particular, Instagram is a fantastic platform for those companies that work within the creative or artistic fields. (You can find me here!)

Being highly visual, you can display your wares and show off your services in a small picture grid. Utilize hashtags and describe your ethos through your images and you could encourage more followers to your startup.

Twitter is the number one platform to communicate with your customers. The stuffy corporate tone of old doesn’t mix well with the millennial market. They are not interested in the hard sell. Instead, they want a more friendly tone to greet their query. If you receive comments or questions you must respond promptly.

Keep in mind: Everything on Twitter is in the public sphere. As a result, it is vital that you foster a feeling of exceptional customer experience. (You can find my Twitter account here!)

Creating A Buzz

If you are looking to launch a product line, you need to create an online buzz. This is vital to generate momentum for your release.

Think about a two month window to hype up those followers and potential customers prior to launch. Expose your brand across a range of online platforms including YouTube. (You can find my Youtube Channel here!)

YouTube videos, whether promotional or informative, are easier for people to access than blogs. Watching visual stimulation can have more of an impact that encourages people to buy and do business with you. Finding out the right Youtube niches to go with is definitely a great first step.

Podcasts are also on trend at the moment with many free listening apps being made available across the globe. This can broaden your market and expose your brand to more potential customers.

You might want to think about coupling your podcast with some branded merchandise from 4allpromos to create a following. This gives you the chance to have a physical marketing presence on top of your Internet-based strategy.


If you have never entertained a blog before, now is the time to start. Linking to your social media feeds, your blog can give a real flavor of you as a venture.

  • talk about your background
  • discuss your niche at an expert level
  • enjoy interviewing some industry insiders
  • post informally and regularly to develop a loyal readership

Determine which content will be the most popular with your followers! Then use this content to expand the reach of your brand. (You can check out my blog here!)

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Hire me! I work with a range of authors, entrepreneurs and small businesses – to support them in dominating the internet via my Brand Honey Consulting Program! 

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