What to Do If You Are Not Happy In Your Job

not happy in jobIf you’re not happy in your job, it’s tough to be in a good mood and enjoy life in general. So here are some insights and steps to take to experience greater job fulfillment.

We all may find a point in our lives when we’re not happy in our jobs. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • We change.
  • Jobs change.
  • Sometimes it’s simply time for change.

Please know that if you presently aren’t happy with your job, you haven’t failed. Nor should you feel like you’ve done something to cause the issues you’re facing.

I myself was not happy in my job in advertising and eventually quit to become a bestselling online entrepreneur.

(I tell my full story here.)

Basically, not everyone falls effortlessly into a job they love and want to do forever.

What to Do If You Are Not Happy In Your Job

Below are a few tips to know what to do if you’re not happy in your job.

1. Pinpoint The Job Problems

not happy in your jobIt’s important to get clear on the problems you’re facing with your job. And your job problems aren’t always going to be something obvious either. You might have to really take time to analyze why you’re not happy with your job.

  • Look at what’s changed recently – as it could be something that has only just taken effect.
  • Consider how long you’ve been in your role – and if any aspects of the roles have changed.
  • Examine your workload  – as it could be lessened, delegated, upgraded
  • Explore if there’s someone at the workplace who is making you unhappy with your job (or number of people)

There may be multiple problems that are all contributing to your job dissatisfaction. Try to figure out where the problems are coming, so you can figure out what to do next.

2. Check If Job Problems Can Be Changed

not happy with jobWhen it comes to the problems, know that some of them…

  • can be easily fixed
  • may take time to fix
  • simply can’t be fixed

Admittedly, it can feel upsetting to know that some of your job problems are out of your control.

But often you can find a way to fix the job problems you’re facing – either by brainstorming solutions by yourself or with a colleague.

3. Speak To Your Manager About Your Job Unhappiness

Speaking to your manager about problems is really important, because it can help to have someone of senior authority on your team.

not happy with jobYour manager (boss) can either personally change what you want to change about your job. Or they can help you to fight your case to higher ups.

If your job unhappiness is due to your manager (boss), then it’s good to follow it up with the next person in the chain of command.

Express your concerns in a one to one meeting. Make sure you’ve noted down all the problems you’ve been experiencing before the meeting, so you don’t miss mentioning things.

Your manager (boss) might surprise you – and help you to resolve any situations which are leading you to be unhappy with your job. After all, employers don’t want to carelessly lose staff members.

Start Looking For Other Job Opportunities

start a new job karen salmansohnOnce you’ve done the steps above, it might be time to start looking for other career opportunities.

With this in mind, you might want to think about your resume – and how long it’s been since it was last updated.

You may also feel a little nervous about going to interviews.

When you do start to interview, be sure to do plenty of prep time – so that you feel ready.

Or you could explore becoming an online entrepreneur like me. I teach people how to make passive income as an online course creator – here.

Don’t Jump Ship Immediately

A word of advice, don’t jump ship immediately.

  • Not every job offer is 100% secure. Make sure you have a signed job contract or agreement before you let your company know that you’ve secured another job.
  • When you go to your current employer with the safe knowledge that you have another job fully secured, your employer might be more open to changing what you originally wanted changed. At that point, you might want to reconsider staying – and improving your situation where you are.

Make sure to always leave on a positive note and not a negative one. After all, it’s important you get those references. Plus, you want to be a good human!


When you’re not happy in your job, everything feels ten times worse.

Your career is pretty much the main bulk of your life. As a result, it’s important to like – or even better yet LOVE – what you’re doing. So, take some time to assess your job unhappiness, think over how you might improve things. And ask for support to change aspects of your job, before you start to look elsewhere.

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