Success Secrets: 7 Tips From Successful People

success secretsWhat are some key success secrets? The good news: You don’t necessarily need to work harder – you just need to work differently. 

I want to help you to become more successful. So I gathered together some success secrets from a wide range of successful people.

This post will focus on the top 7 key things you need to start doing in order to achieve success.

But if you want to be truly successful, you can’t simply aim for attaining only one or two of these things. You need to attain them all! That’s why being successful is so tricky. Some people think they can tick off a few of these things – and get by. But eventually the drawbacks will come. 

If you’re keen to know what makes an individual more successful than someone else, then read on!

Success Secrets: 7 Tips From Successful People

1. Make Sure You Have A Money Making Idea You’re Passionate About

success secrets You can’t achieve any success without a truly money making idea – which also you’re passionate about.

I can’t tell you what that idea should be. It can be anything. For some, it’s a business product idea. For others, it’s a service or an idea that might change the way people feel.

The bottom line: You’ve thought of something that can have a significant impact on people’s lives. You’re filling a need in the marketplace. Or you’re solving a problem, need or fear in a new and special way. 

But it’s not enough to have a marketable idea. You also need to be passionate about the idea. After all, if you’re only doing something for money – then you might give up at the first sign of struggle or failure. Desire for money alone is not enough “emotional fuel” to keep you moving forward. You need passion too.

2. Create Clear and Scheduled Goals

clear vision of successIf you want to be successful, you must have clear and scheduled goals.

Your goals must be both short and long term.

For example, you should consider what goals you want to hit in the next few weeks or months. Then, make a list of goals that you hope to achieve in the coming years and decades.

Listing these goals out clearly will help to bring a sense of structure to your life and remind you of what you’re working towards. 

Next, you have to create small action steps to attain these goals – and schedule them – in a realistic way – in your calendar. Pick specific days and times to do specific kinds of action steps – and you’ll be more likely to do these habits over time.

3. Surround Yourself With a Dependable Support Team

secrets of successful peopleYou’ll rarely come across a success story where the protagonist did everything on their own.

You need a support network. 

When I talk about support, I’m talking about:

  • business partners
  • financial advisors
  • legal advisors
  • experts in subjects that aren’t your strengths
  • assistants to help you with day to day items
  • friends that listen to you
  • family members that lend a shoulder to cry on
  • anyone in your life that supports your dreams

You cannot do everything alone, period. You need good people around you to provide:

  • work help when you need it
  • advice when you want it
  • time and openness to bounce around ideas
  • a safe haven to sit quietly as you release your frustrations

Without support, you’re all alone – and it’s much harder to make a success of your life when you’re isolated. 

4. Find a Group of Smart People Who Say Honest No’s

Chances are you’ve heard of the concept of a yes-man…yes?

A yes-man will basically agree with everything you have to say. No matter what point you make, they refuse to disagree and tell you that you’re wrong.

You could come up with the most outlandish and ridiculous idea on planet earth, and they’ll back you to go through with it. 

If your support group is full of yes-men and yes-women, then you need to find at least one or more no-men and no-women – people who are not afraid to say no.

Basically, you need to have folks you trust and respect who will tell you straight out if they don’t like your opinion or idea.  At times they might sound rude or mean, but in the longterm these people will be far more helpful than yes-men or yes-women. They will stop you from doing terrible ideas and help you to avoid making mistakes.

5. Develop Good Leadership Qualities

confidence mantra karen salmansohnSuccessful people have to know how to lead.

It doesn’t matter what type of work you do, you will end up needing to lead a group of people.

If you can’t lead well – and inspire others – then you will hinder your progress.

You must know how to encourage those around you to follow your lead.

When you do this well, you can bring people on board with your ideas and ambitions. Your goals become their goals, and you work together to achieve them. It makes it easier to achieve your success. 

Leadership comes naturally to some people. There’s something ingrained in their brains that just makes them a natural-born leader. For others, it’s harder. But, as you can see on the Norwich University website, courses are available to help you become a better leader.

Learn how to lead, and people will follow you. You’ll run into too many stumbling blocks if you try to be successful without having excellent leadership qualities. 

6. Maintain the Ability To View Setbacks as Opportunity

success secretsA big key to success is playing the hand you were dealt like it was the hand you wanted – even if it wasn’t!

Know this now: Every member of the Fortune 500 Club could be a member of the Misfortune 500 Club.

Successful people are not people who never fail.

They’re people who know how to get back up when they fail – and even use the leverage of falling to push themselves back up even higher.

It helps if you stay calm during tough times. Many successful people meditate – so they can think clearly during stressful times. You can grab my 2 minute meditations here!

I also list some helpful positive affirmations here.

7. Stay Patient – and You’ll Eventually Experience What Appears Like “Overnight Success” or “Luck”!

success secretsOne of the big differences between successful people and unsuccessful people: patience!

Successful people simply do not give up.

Over time, success eventually appears on their horizon.

Basically, often successful people appear to others as having  “good luck” or “overnight success.” But in reality their success is simply the fruits of their patience – which were given time to grow on the vine of their efforts!

In summary: Will you instantly become an overnight success when you possess all of the things on this list above? Nope. But, if you are patient – and keep going, keep going, keep going – then you greatly increase your chances of being successful and living a prosperous life.

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