How To Help Your Kids Get Great Grades: Study Tips for Children

help your kids get great grades

If you want to know how to help your kids get great grades, then you will love these tips on how to teach your child at home.

19% of American parents say they don’t spend any time helping their children academically at home.

Maybe some kids benefit from being left to do their homework independently. But it’s likely that some struggling students could benefit from their parents spending time with them on their schoolwork.

If your child is struggling in school, have you been spending any time with them at home to work on their education?

Join me below and together we’ll look at how you can teach your child at home, so you help them get better grades and succeed in school.

help your kid get great gradesHow To Help Your Kids Get Great Grades

If your child is struggling at school? Or maybe you feel they aren’t fulfilling their full potential? When you start to help them with their studying at home, you can boost their grades.

There are lots of reasons that kids’ grades suffer.

The most important thing you can do is spend time with your kids and listen to their worries, fears, and obstacles. You’ll wind up identifying what your child’s specific issues are – and what you can do to help your child perform at their highest potential.

So, if you’ve been wondering, “How can I help my child succeed in school?” …read on!

1. As A Parent You Should Stay Positive

All parents very much want their child to get great grades. So it makes sense that you might wind up feeling upset when your child isn’t doing well.

However, you need to be aware of how your attitude and outlook sets the tone for your child.

While it’s perfectly natural to feel frustrated that your child isn’t doing as well as you’d like, being hard on your child (or being openly aggravated) could become further painful sources of stress, anxiety, and shame for them.

It’s best to approach your child’s education from a constructive perspective, working to keep your relationship open, respectful, and positive.

With this in mind, let your child know that you’re on their team – rooting for them. Celebrate small successes. Compliment any show of effort. And try to stay away from punishing and preaching because chances are your child is already being hard enough on themselves.

2. Help Your Kid To Be Positive

help kids boost gradesIf your child is not doing well in school, they’re probably feeling very stressed and down on themselves.

Unfortunately this stress and lack of self love can wind up creating lots of chaos in your child’s brain, thereby further hampering their ability to think clearly – and work at their best..

You might want to teach your child simple meditation techniques – which they can do in school – specifically before and during tests.

My book Instant Calm offers fun, easy 2 minute meditations – many of which I taught my son. In fact, these meditations are so fun to do – that my son has wound up telling his friends about them – and now his friends do them too!

Learn more about these fun, simple meditations here!

3. Look Over Homework Together

Join your child in doing their homework – or looking over it after they’ve done it. This can help you to specifically determine where your child’s problem areas are.

Talk to your kid about what they found difficult or challenging.

Give your child time to ask you any questions. Plus give them space and safety to share their fears and struggles – without worrying you’ll judge them or punish them.

4. Help Establish Good Habits

Unfortunately, schools do not always teach kids how to create good study habits.

You might need to step in and teach your kids skills like…

  • organization
  • prioritization of tasks
  • time management
  • creating a schedule

Basically, you might want to step in and create a structure for your child to do their homework and read more.

You might be surprised to find that your child seems much more at ease once studying feels less last minute and chaotic – and more organized and under control.

5. Help Kids with Outside Help

If your child is struggling with a specific topic, it could be a good idea to find a tutor for them that focuses on that subject.

For example…

If math is the troubling subject, using an online math tutor would give your child the focused attention of a professional, qualified tutor.

In general, outside help via tutors can often make a big difference in kids’ grades.

Spend Time With Your Child and Boost Their Grades

boost kids gradesNo one wants to see their child struggle with getting good grades.

Luckily, learning how to teach your child at home could be of real benefit to both getting them better grades –  and creating a better, more intimate relationship with them.

By following these tips you can help boost your child’s grades – while you get to spend quality time with your kiddo. It’s a win-win!

Help Your Child Stay Calm, Confident, Focused

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