18 Quotes For Hard Times To Stay Encouraged and Uplifted

quotes for hard timesWe all go through difficult times and sometimes reading quotes about hard times can inspire us to stay strong and motivated to keep going.

Thankfully hard times don’t last – but tough people do!

As you might already know, I’m a bestselling author and award winning designer. So I personally created this collection of hard times quotes and sayings to help keep you uplifted, encouraged and on track.

Bookmark this page and read these quotes about hard times whenever you feel anxious or depressed.

Below you’ll find quotes for hard times about love, friendship, success, health, gaslighting, family, parenting – pretty much every kind of tough time you could go through!

How To Get Through Hard Times

quotes for hard timesI spent the past few decades studying the psychology of happiness, anxiety, depression and resiliency.

Plus I studied to be a yoga and meditation teacher.

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18 Quotes For Hard Times To Stay Encouraged and Uplifted

Feel free to use your favorite hard times quotes as mobile screen savers – so you can read them daily. Or print out these hard times quotes and put them on your refrigerator so you’re regularly motivated to stay encouraged and full of faith.


quotes about hard times


do not waste time looking back karen salmansohn


saying about people destroying people karen salmansohn


gaslighting quote karen salmansohn


quote about hard times and letting go karen salmansohn


challenging times quote karen salmansohn


healing from a painful challenge quote karen salmansohn


walking on eggshells saying karen salmansohn

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unloving quote karen salmansohn


painful thoughts quote karen salmansohn


numbing pain quote inner peace karen salmansohn


quote about hard times karen salmansohn


tough times something good coming karen salmansohn


to do not list to keep you strong and happy karen salmansohn


victime survivor thriver quote karen salmansohn


difficult situation quote


bad habits quote karen salmansohn


enemy friends frenemies quote karen salmansohn

Hard Times Quote – Bonus – Painful Patterns

hard times painful pattern

Healing Tools For Hard Times

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