Having Trouble Sleeping? Here’s How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's How To Get A Good Night's SleepSleep, sleep, glorious sleep! We all love it, but many of us don’t get enough of it. If you’re having trouble sleeping, no worries. In this article we will talk about how to get a good night’s sleep.

You will learn what to do if you’re having consistent trouble sleeping – plus get tips to get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.

So, let’s get started…

1. How Much Sleep Should We Get?

Most doctors recommend you get between seven to nine hours sleep a night. However, a lot of that particular estimate can shift –  depending upon old you are. 

For example…

  • a newborn will need between 14 and 17 hours of sleep
  • someone over 65 only needs between seven and eight hours of sleep

For this reason, you can use a sleep calculator app to ensure you know the right amount of sleep to get. 

2. Having Trouble Sleeping

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's How To Get A Good Night's SleepMany people complain about having trouble falling asleep – or they wake up in the middle of the night. This can happen for a few reasons.

  • Insomnia – About one-third of all Americans suffer from insomnia. Often this is due to stress and worry.
  • Recurring bad dreams – Sometimes when something is plaguing your thoughts, you will keep dreaming about it on repeat. For example, perhaps you recently had your home robbed. You may dream about this again and again.
  • Feeling like you are falling – This is known as a hypnagogic jerk- and it is more likely to happen to those who are stressed.
  • Need to visit the restroom – You must be sure not to drink liquids or eat food for at least 3 hours before you go to sleep – plus try to visit the restroom before you get into bed.
  • Sleep apnea – About one in five adults are challenged by at least a mild form of apnea. The most recommended treatment for apnea is a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine.

If you’re regularly experiencing problems with falling asleep, try sleeping naked. It’s researched to lower the stress hormone cortisol.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's How To Get A Good Night's SleepPlus, take some time to meditate before you go to sleep.

When you meditate, you get both your conscious and subconscious minds into a calm and centered place – so you will be less likely to suffer from stressful dreaming.

If you need help meditating before bedtime, check out the fun and simple 2 minute sensory meditations in my book, Instant Calm.

More Solutions for Trouble Sleeping:

3. Buying A Mattress And Bed

Sleep is vital to your wellbeing –  so you need to ensure that you have a mattress and bed which allows you to have a good night’s sleep every evening. 

Buying a mattress is not something which should be done half-heartedly. After all, most people spend approximately a third of each day sleeping and it is highly pivotal that each person does so in comfort.

Having Trouble Sleeping? Here's How To Get A Good Night's SleepPlus, a lot of health problems can occur through having a mattress which is not suited to the individual in question.

The most common of these problems: Issues with the back, such as back stiffness and neck soreness.

The first determining factor when it comes to choosing a good mattress is the number and gauge of the coils inside of it.

The general outlook:  A high quality mattress is one which has a high number of coils at a lower gauge. On the other hand, a low quality mattress is one which has a low number of coils with a higher gauge.

The next thing you should do to ensure quality: Try out the mattress. This is exactly why mattresses are displayed in furniture stores. They are there to be tried – and rolled around on.

Note: You should make sure there is a slight indentation in the mattress after you stand up – as this is a great sign of quality mattress.

My last piece of advice: Do a quick five minute search on Google to see what people who have already bought the mattress and bed you want truly think of it. If the bed you are considering is of a low quality, you will be able to tell, because the reviews won’t be flattering. 

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