The Importance Of Having More Fun At Work [My TEDx talk]

I love humor.

Hence one of my best selling books has the feisty title of How To Be Happy Dammit.

Plus, my first very first published book was a funny novel – called “50% OFF” – which was optioned by Marissa Tomei to be a romantic comedy movie.

Jon Stewart read my novel – and loved it.

Jon even gave me a blurb officially stating he thought the book (and me) were funny.

“Karen Salmansohn has the spirit and humor of a stand up comic.” – Jon Stewart

I was then invited to play poker with a bunch of Jon’s comedian friends in the East Village of Manhattan.

They each said they invited me because I was funny.

(Although in retrospect they might have invited me because I was terrible at poker! 🙂 )

Anyway.. I’m telling you all of this because humor is my secret sauce in all the work I do.

Consistently studies report that fun and humor are high performance fuels!

So I slip in humor to help readers to laugh as they learn. The laughter thereby makes the learning more fun – and helps the learning to stick.

Plus studies also report that if you’re in a fun frame of mind at work- you’ll perform better.

Yep, laughter and fun can wind up making you more money at your job!

I believe this so much I gave a TEDx talk on the topic of “Fun is A High Performance Fuel”- where I share some interesting research on how humor supercharges the brain!

I’ve witnessed the many perks of fun and humor at work – in my own work life.

I’ve published over 30 books. People call me disciplined.

But I credit my productivity to making sure I’m having fun as I work  – and finding fun people to work with.

When I’m working with my team, usually we laugh for a few hours in the morning – look at the clock – and say – oops – we forgot to work!

Then we wind up working – nonstop.

BUT – it doesn’t feel like work or discipline – because we’re having fun.

We’re in the fun zone.

Some people call it “flow.” I call it the “fun zone.”

As everyone knows meditation helps you to relieve stress – and think more clearly.

I believe fun is meditation on steroids.

And this is not just my personal experience with the power of fun.

This is also research information – which you can hear all about in my TEDx talk!

I want YOU to start to have more fun at work – because fun truly is a high performance fuel!

You don’t need to work longer hours to make more money.

You just need to work more fun hours.

Many of the best business ideas come from the fun zone.

Note: If you have a company (big or small) I’d love to come for a visit – and inspire you with a FUN IS A HIGH PERFORMANCE FUEL WORKSHOP or SEMINAR. Want info for how to snag me? Write to me on my contact page! CLICK HERE NOW!

Think happier. Think calmer.

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