Why Your Marketing Efforts Are Failing And What To Do

Why Your Marketing Efforts Are Failing

If your business is not working and your marketing efforts are failing here are some reasons why and what you can do about it.

Putting lots of time and effort into marketing and getting no results can be very disheartening. Why is your marketing not working? And what can you do to make it work?

There are a few things that you could be doing wrong.

Below are some of the most common reasons as to why companies fail at marketing. 

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7 Reasons Why Your Marketing Efforts Are Failing And Things To Do

1. You’re trying to copy everyone else

It’s okay to look to other companies for inspiration. But if you try too hard to be like every other company, you won’t stand out from the crowd. 

There needs to be something about you that is unique. Marketers call this a USP (unique selling proposition). This could be something that’s unique about your product or service, or a unique price deal.

Of course, distinctive branding can also have an impact. The most successful companies typically have a brand name or a logo or a mascot that is different to their competitors. Don’t always opt for the obvious.

2. You’re spreading your net too wide

You may struggle to grab customers if you’re trying to target everyone at once. Even if you sell products that are aimed at a wide audience (like mattresses or sandwiches), it can be worth creating targeted marketing campaigns at specific audience groups. This allows you to connect to different types of customers on a much more personal level.

Similarly, you should avoid trying to use every marketing medium available. While larger companies can benefit from being on every social media platform, smaller companies can sometimes benefit more from targeting select social media sites – it’s easier and less time-consuming to master one social media platform than try to master them all. 

3. You’re being impatient

Not all marketing strategies have instant results. For example, SEO can take 4 to 12 months to take effect. 

Even an PPC campaign can take several attempts before you start seeing a steady flow of leads being generated. This is because you need time to build brand awareness, as well as fine-tuning which ad strategies work and don’t work (A/B testing can be a great way to do this). 

4. You’re being too pushy/annoying

Is your marketing pushing people away instead of pulling them towards you?

It’s important that you’re not aggressively chasing up people who show the smallest bit of interest in your product, or barraging visitors with pop-ups on your website.

While it’s true that hard sell tactics can be necessary for selling some products, you need to spend time building people’s trust first, as well as knowing when to back off. Focusing more on informational content as opposed to solely promotional content is a good way to do this.

5. You’re not making purchasing easy for customers

Why Your Marketing Efforts Are FailingIt’s possible that customers have been attracted by your marketing and they want to buy your product – but there are too many hurdles in the way.

Things that can put off eager customers include limited payment options (i.e. no credit card), long waiting times, lack of availability or overcomplicated forms.

If you’ve had customers complaining about these things, it could be time to find ways of making purchasing easier.

You don’t want to be losing out on customers who are willing and ready to part with their money. 

6. You’re trying to do it all alone

Marketing can be time-consuming and can require specialist tools/knowledge in some cases. This is why you cannot do it all alone. 

There are companies like SunCity Advising that can help you build new strategies. There are also companies that can take over certain marketing tasks for you such as website developers, flyer distribution companies and telesales companies. Work out where you could benefit from the help and see what support is out there. 

7. Your content/product is poor quality

A poorly produced video, low quality image or poorly written text could prevent customers putting their trust in you. It’s important to know when to hire professionals to create your content to avoid this.

Of course, a bad product can also be to blame. This is the hardest flaw to admit to, and typically means redesigning your product to make it better. If your product isn’t getting any interest at all, it could be worth doing a product survey with a focus group so that you can rule this one out. 

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