5 Key Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

Key Things to Look for in an Assisted Living FacilityIn a way, an assisted living facility for seniors is more akin to a dynamic social environment than a mere residence. Across the nation, thousands of elderly individuals reside in these types of senior apartments and retirement homes.

There are numerous critical aspects to contemplate when searching for an apartment equipped with these amenities. And not every community provides the same caliber of facilities.

The scope of care and services varies depending on the specific living arrangement. Different types of services are included in independent living. For example, there’s assisted living, memory care, and short-term care. However they all fall under the broader “senior living” category.

No worries – I am here to offer clarity to help you know what to look for in an assisted living facility

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With this in mind I put together this quick guide about assisted living and what to prioritize seeking.

5 Things to Prioritize in an Assisted Living Facility:

1. Affordability

The financial aspect is a key factor when selecting an assisted living facility. It’s crucial to ensure that your parents don’t become fond of a place that’s beyond their means. Engage a financial advisor to devise a plan for your parents’ retirement funds or asset liquidation to manage the accommodation expenses. If you’re taking on the financial responsibility, agree with your spouse about the maximum expenditure.

Create a list of top-ranked senior living facilities in your vicinity to get pricing information. Providing an exact figure without knowing your family’s specific requirements might be challenging for these institutions. However, an open discussion about your budgetary limitations from the beginning will enable them to assess if their facility is a viable choice for your budget.

2. Reputation

Just like most products and locations on the internet, assisted living homes also have reviews. The initial reputation plays a significant role, even before potential residents get an opportunity to visit these homes.

Platforms such as Senior Advisor provide a space for residents and their families to share their experiences from facilities nationwide.You should read these and make sure there aren’t any regulatory infractions or state-related issues. Look for places with positive reviews and happy residents.

3. Size

The bed capacity in different facilities can widely vary and this can significantly influence the overall environment. It’s akin to deciding between residing in a small town or a big city. Basically, it’s an individual preference.

Remember that besides influencing your experience, the facility’s size can also affect the diversity of services it offers. Larger institutions usually have more amenities like swimming pools and entertainment options. They might even have specialized units for memory care.

4. Security Measures

The likelihood of injuries increases as we age. Therefore, the facility you opt for should be well-equipped with safety precautions like easily reachable handrails and flooring that prevents slipping.

The facility should be adequately protected from external threats. This not only hinders unwanted individuals from entering but also inhibits those suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s from inadvertently exiting. These occurrences can lead to a tense situation for everyone concerned, particularly for the elderly person who might become bewildered and lose their way.

5. Location

When deciding on an assisted living facility, selecting the right location is a critical factor. The facility’s proximity to your home can offer numerous advantages. This can mean being close to the homes of the prospective resident’s children or other family members, making visits more comfortable and convenient.

This helps maintain regular contact with their loved ones and assures the senior resident that they are not forgotten and are still very much part of their family’s lives. The facility should be near hospitals or other necessary institutions for any potential emergencies or regular check-ups.

Endnote: Things to Look for in an Assisted Living Facility

Though it may be difficult, relocating to an assisted living facility can be the appropriate step to ensure their daily care needs are met. The presence of expert caregivers and a setting that promotes social interaction and relaxation could lessen some of the burdens associated with caregiving and enhance their quality of life.

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