How to Increase Views on Instagram Stories

How to Increase Views on Instagram StoriesThe level of views you get on Instagram Stories says a lot about your performance on the platform. And its useful for measuring the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Having a low view count won’t do your brand well. But on the other hand, the more views you have, the better for your brand.

With more  views, your Instagram account gets more exposure, reaches more audiences, experiences improved engagement rates, generates more  sales, and  also inspires for certain other individuals, brands and businesses to track.

In short, growing your brand  on Instagram has a lot to do with increasing your Instagram  views.

I’m writing about this topic of increasing views on Instagram stories because I am a marketing consultant with 1.5 million social media followers in total. As of 2023, I have 113k highly engaged, loyal followers on Instagram. And yes, all of my followers came from organic reach. I did not buy them. They found me.

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I love sharing insights and strategies to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to be more successful. So I’m sharing with you some guaranteed tips and tricks for increasing views on Instagram Stories such as account optimization, purchases, consistency, tag usage start with # and so on.

5 Proven Ways to Get Instagram Views Reels

You’ve probably been  worried about how to increase your Instagram views.You are not alone in this case. Here are some guaranteed ways we  found helpful to increase Instagram Story Views:

1. Optimize your bio

A well optimized Instagram account is  about making it engaging enough to grab the attention of potential viewers and inspire them to keep watching your reels , this can help you increase the number of views.

To optimize your bio, you need to write a compelling and concise description that briefly reflects who you are and the value your audience values ​​you.

Also, you should include  relevant keywords in your bio to further enhance your profile’s visibility, which encourages more users to find your profile and ultimately , include a call to action at the end of your description to increase views.

2. Create great content

Even if you already have a compelling profile, the quality of your reels plays a role  in attracting and retaining more Instagram users for greater views . Poorly created content tends to attract very low views.

Therefore, you need to create valuable content that will delight your audience. Your reels should be informative and most importantly, they should be funny and interesting.

In addition, you need to make sure they are visually appealing, with high-quality images and videos. And you must. maintain aesthetics and posting. You should combine various engaging content to generate higher views and engagement.

3. Use relevant hashtags

Add relevant hashtags to your  Instagram scroll to dramatically expand your reach and visibility. It can also affect the Instagram algorithm to get your reels  on Instagram’s discovery page and users’ reel feeds, which ensures more viewers for your content.

If you’re not sure which hashtags to use, use the Instagram feature to find trending topics as well as some popular hashtags in your niche. Plus, you can take a look at some of your competitors to find out what hashtags they’re using to reach more viewers.

4. Be Consistent

Since the goal is to continuously increase your reel views,  you can’t falter either! Especially with countless reels from other creators, it’s also important to maintain a consistent and optimized posting schedule to stay current in your audience’s mind.

To find the optimal posting frequency that works for your niche and target audience, you need to consider their demographics, such as age, location, likely time zone differences, and more. , to know what time they are usually online to see your reels.

5. Use stories and reels

Using story and reel features can help increase engagement and invite more viewers. Create compelling reels around popular and very interesting topics, and embed cool or trending audio tracks  to capture user interest and encourage them to share with their friends and family. their family.

Also, make good use of the poll feature on your Instagram story. Asking relevant questions  can facilitate better communication Buy Instagram Views

You can easily build a voice and presence for your brand on Instagram while increasing sales and revenue, and qualify for paid sponsorships from other brands.


Increasing your scroll views on Instagram requires you to take an intentional action. We  talked about the safest Instagram tricks that can help you increase your views.So be sure to use them effectively and watch your views grow!

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