7 Myths Debunked: Key Truths About Substance Abuse Treatment

Myths Debunked: The Truth About Substance Abuse TreatmentLearn the top myths and truths about substance abuse treatment to help you recover and live your best life.

Getting help for your drug addiction is possibly the most important step you’ll ever take to take control of your life back. But as much as you want to better yourself, if you listen to others or your past experiences, there may be some myths keeping you from reaching out for treatment.

I’m writing about this topic because I’m a bestselling author on behavioral change and founder of the therapist recommended self-paced online course called The Anxiety Cure.

I love to help people to live calmer, happier lives. So I put together this article about the myths and truths when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

One of the main challenges people worry about is how to pay for their rehab. Your insurance may cover most of your stay.

However, when you have a particular insurance, it can be challenging to find a rehab center accepting Tricare or whatever your coverage is.

Don’t let the myths and costs stop you from getting your life back on track. Here, we’ll debunk 7 of the stories people think about substance abuse treatment that prevents them from seeking help.

Myth 1: You Lose Your Independence

We all worked hard to become adults and get our freedom. The last thing we want is to have it taken away from us. Yet, that’s what most of us presume will happen when we enter a rehab facility. The myth, frequently obtained from fictional movies, says that until the addict works through their withdrawal symptoms, they’re locked up, and their independence is taken away.

The reality is that you’ll work alongside supervised experts who help you to feel comfortable while dealing with the painful effects of functioning sober.

Myth 2: You’re in a Psych Hospital

If you’ve watched those drug addiction movies we just talked about, you may envision recovery as taking place in a psychiatric hospital, where you’re locked in a room and treated poorly.

The reality is that you have a say in where you attend rehab. Most facilities are designed to make you feel like you’re at home or, at worst, in a welcoming hotel.

Myth 3: Addicts Are for Life!

You’ve heard the saying that you’re an addict for life, even after you quit. That phrase is meant to be a helpful reminder that you should always be cautious about reentering the world of drugs and alcohol. Instead, it often scares addicts into believing that they may as well stay addicted if they’re going to have to fight the urge and withdrawal symptoms daily.

The reality is that once you’ve kicked the habit and are able to function without feeling the chemical urges of a substance, you won’t think about it as often as you once did.

Myth 4: You Should Just Quit Cold Turkey

You’ve heard people say, “Why can’t you just quit cold turkey?” The myth that this type of addiction treatment is easy or helpful is blatantly untrue. Even those with extreme willpower find it difficult to fight the chemical needs of their bodies. Think about how hard it can be to turn away from your favorite unhealthy food. Now imagine a craving that your body has gotten used to and thinks it needs to survive.

The reality is that not only is quitting cold turkey extremely difficult, but it can also be dangerous.

Myth 5: There’s Nothing Wrong With a Little Drinking/Drugs

There are places in the world and professions in certain industries where partying is an expected part of the daily lifestyle. If you’re surrounded by drinking and drugs, you may think there’s nothing wrong with what you’re doing.

The reality is that everyone’s body and mind react differently to substance use. It’s never healthy. But for you, if it’s impacting your life in a negative way, it needs to stop.

Myth 6: Using is the Only Way to Treat My “Blank”

When you’re dealing with a mental health disorder or a chronic disease, using your drug or alcohol of choice may be a way to relieve the symptoms for a short time. The myth you’ve told yourself that using is the only way to treat your condition is a fictional story.

In reality, the drugs and alcohol may stop the symptoms for a very short time, but they’re wreaking havoc on your brain and body. The damage your “therapy” is causing will turn deadly, and the side effects will be worse than the condition you’re trying to treat.

Myth 7: Rehab is Too Expensive

The final reason most people don’t get help is that they believe the myth that rehab is a time-consuming, expensive part of recovery.

In reality, there are various types of rehab that you can choose from, and each one involves a different level of intensity and commitment. Until you reach out to an expert rehab therapist near you, you won’t know the prices, programs that you may qualify for, or what the treatments involve. Don’t assume you can’t afford it. Get help today.

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