How to Track Sales Leads and Ensure Your Company’s Success

track leadsThe active attraction of potential customers is one of the main prerequisites for business development. After all, this automatically leads to increased sales and profit growth. However, achieving this goal is not easy, especially in conditions of high competition.

This is stated by 61% of the companies that participated in the HubSpot research. It means that most business people are currently facing such a problem.

If you do not want to join these statistics, you must learn about lead tracking and how to perform the procedure. No worries! I’m here to help!

I’m writing this article because I am a bestselling entrepreneur with about 2 million books and courses sold globally.

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I love sharing insights and strategies to help businesses to be their most successful.

With this in mind, I recognize how important it is to track sales leads. And I want you to fully understand everything there is to know about tracking leads – so you can ensure your company’s success!

Let’s get started digging into these tips!

Why should a business track leads?

This is mandatory for those who want to convert potential customers into buyers and expand their business opportunities. Its essence is to collect, organize and save data about your target audience. For this, specialized resources are often used, which help to find the optimal solution in the field of lead management. Such actions are extremely important because the information obtained will become a reference for creating/updating a marketing strategy and choosing optimal interaction methods.

Without, you can direct an advertising campaign to those users who are not interested in your products/services. This situation has caused a significant slowdown in development and a waste of resources.  If your strategy includes this method, you can expect to receive several advantages:

  • Reducing the leakage of potential customers. By tracking data about potential customers, you can identify gaps in the sales funnel and close them.
  • Definition of general problems in the strategy. Although no seller will be able to penetrate the minds of potential customers and determine the reasons for their rejection, it is still possible to obtain approximate data about them. For example, the problem may be waiting too long for a response. To determine it, it is enough to analyze the response time of the company’s employees and the percentage of rejections in case of a long wait.
  • The emergence of benchmarks for adjusting financial forecasts. A sales lead tracker is a great solution for understanding quotas and volume. It is only necessary to analyze the patterns that occur during the year and one month to get valuable information about fluctuations in the level of sales. Based on this, you can make a budget, set sales goals, and allocate resources competently.
  • Troubleshooting at the operational level. If you, for example, use a call tracking service, you can find data not only for the sales department but also for marketing specialists. Therefore, they will be able to unite and work in one direction.

By tracking potential customers, you can form a holistic image of your audience and find methods to maximize their attention to your product.

How to make tracking potential customers more effective?

Understanding the advantages of the specified process, you probably thought about the ways of its implementation. This can be done in different ways. We offer to learn about the best of them.

Creating a specific sequence of emails

Lead tracking also helps you create personalized offers that are more effective than generic emails. However, it also works in reverse. To make sure of this, it is worth creating a sequence of emails. That is, you need to create a series of messages that are related to each other and carry a single load. They will help determine the refusal rate, the number of reactions (answers) to a particular offer, as well as interest in the company’s products.

Using special tracking tools

In the network, you can find many different programs and services that help to get certain data about potential customers. For example, it could be a call-tracking app or an app that helps you manage your lead data. Thanks to such tools, sales can reach a completely new level. Confirmation of this can be found in the statistics provided by Ruler Analytics.

It says that 50% of marketers use calls to increase conversions. This means that most such specialists see this method’s effectiveness in practice. And a special service will be a real helper in this situation, as it helps to find more data that will eventually be in use to personalize the offer.

Setting up forms for communication

This is another way that helps you connect with the customer and get important data about them. However, it will only work if the form is configured accordingly. It is worth starting with the number of fields. If too many of them exist, the lead track will not be understood. The reason is that most users want to take the easiest route to make a purchase.

And when there are obstacles in the form of many empty lines that need to be filled, then they simply leave the site. To avoid this, only ask for the name, email address/phone, company name, and title, if applicable. In such forms, you can also enable a special function that will help determine from which resource the potential client switched.

Competitor research

A lot of companies underestimate this method. However, in practice, it shows excellent results. The fact is that the strategies used by your direct competitor will likely work for you as well. And, instead of spending months testing some methods, you can analyze the approaches of such companies. The very first thing you need to do is track your competitors’ leads. In the process, it is necessary to pay attention to the way of interacting with them. This will help you understand what is valuable to them and what techniques really work.

Detailed analysis of the purchase process

When it comes to upselling, understanding the prospect’s journey from need to purchase is an important aspect. This is necessary to know exactly what solution should be offered to a customer at a certain stage. For example, you should not expect a visitor who is just studying the offers on the market to be ready to discuss the details of the order with your manager.

In this case, it will be appropriate to talk about promotional offers, offer other incentives, or provide answers to questions that interest him. When it comes to a potential customer who has already decided to make a purchase, then he does not need to provide detailed information about all your offers. Direct communication with the SDR is enough for him to complete the target action.

Using the system for keeping statistics of potential customers

To form an effective marketing strategy, you need to know not only qualitative but also quantitative indicators of interaction. This means that you need a program or service that automatically calculates potential customers based on various characteristics. Including:

  • behavioral experience;
  • ability to make a decision;
  • interests;
  • information about the company, etc.

The resulting numbers will give a general idea of potential customers. In this way, you can determine the percentage of those who are ready to buy, as well as the number of customers who need additional support to take targeted action.


Even the smallest details, which are not visible at first glance, have meaning. They sometimes become the reason that inhibits the improvement of sales efficiency and the development of the business as a whole. That is why every business owner, regardless of the field of activity, needs to know what a lead tracker is and the features of the procedure. Studying the data obtained in this way allows you to identify problem areas in the sales strategy, form an idea about behavioral factors, and also understand motives.

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