7 Different Ways to Celebrate Achieving a Major Goal

7 Different Ways to Celebrate Achieving a Major Goal

If you’ve accomplished an achievement, here are different ways to celebrate achieving a major goal so you take time to appreciate yourself.

When something significant happens in our lives, like having a baby or entering into a new relationship, we do our best to make these moments special.

However, it’s less common that we celebrate our own goals and achievements with the same spectacle. But I think you should! So I pulled together this guide of fun ways to celebrate reaching a goal!

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So, if right now you just accomplished something really awesome… congratulations! Plus here are some awesome ways to celebrate your achievement!

7 Incredibly Fun Ways to Celebrate Reaching a Goal

be proud of step of your goalsIn today’s hustle culture, it’s easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of more work. It’s time to slow down and celebrate everything you’ve done to get where you are now. 

Here’s how to do it.

1. Take the Whole Day Off (or a Vacation)

When you work super hard to achieve your goals, the lines between work and play become blurred. If you’ve completed a major task and you know your work can live without you, take a day off. Or better yet, book vacation time in advance, so you can take it when you’re ready.

2. Buy a Cake, Flowers, and Champagne 

Cakes are the perfect celebratory food, but they taste better washed down with champagne. If possible, don’t skimp here. Get some tasty ganache frosted cakes and Laurent-Perrier vintage champagne. Top it off with a beautiful flower bouquet from a local florist or online supplier.

You don’t have to spend the day alone if that isn’t your thing. If you prefer to share your win with your friends or family, throw a party with cake and balloons. Or, just invite your best friend.

3. Buy Yourself a Special and Lasting Gift

Sometimes it’s fun to buy something special, long-lasting, and expensive. For example, you could purchase from a selection of tanzanite rings handcrafted by experts. If you’re more into handbags, check out the designer selection and pick out a Louis Vuitton or Proenza Schouler. 

4. Knock Something Off Your Bucket List

aim big success quoteWe all have a list of things we want to do before we “kick the bucket,” whether it’s going to a ballet, rising in a hot air balloon, or staying at a fancy hotel.

If you can do it today, do it. If you need to schedule an appointment in advance, then take the steps you need to make it happen!

It can also be fun to try something new, even if it isn’t on your bucket list. For example, you could eat at a new restaurant, wear a new shade of lipstick, or get coffee at a new cafe.

5. Go on a Road Trip (or Travel Overseas)

Hop in a bus, car, train, or plane and go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go. The next city or state over is a great place to start. Consider getting out of the city and spending time in the country or backpacking around Europe. Don’t forget your killer road trip playlist and snacks.

6. Take a Nostalgia Trip and Relive Memories

find a job quote small stepsAs children, we were allowed to explore our passions and have fun for fun’s sake.

But we often stop doing the things we loved as adults. You probably don’t sing, skip, daydream, color, dance, or jump on the bed as much as you used to, so why not spend the day taking a nostalgia trip?

If you have a few comfort movies or video games you used to play a lot, consider doing a media marathon. But if you don’t own your favorite movie or game anymore, just order them online. 

7. Restore Your Mental and Physical Health

Mindfulness and health mean something different to everyone. It could mean yoga, sleeping in, eating well, or replacing a broken item.

But whatever you choose to do, make sure you spend the whole day doing it. Take the time to pay attention to the needs of your mind and body.

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