What Home Renovations Do We Often Forget?

What Renovations Do We Often ForgetAs you probably know, home renovations are costly, time-consuming projects. But what renovations do homeowners often forget about?

Renovations are crucial to a home’s safety and functionality.

Everyone wants beautiful homes that are safe for you and your family.

But sometimes we can forget about doing important renovations that can wind up lowering the comfort level in your home.

As you might know, I’m a bestselling author, award winning designer and happiness researcher. I wrote a book called Happy Habits.

In my research, I learned a lot about how to make sure you develop positive habits which lead to your best life.

One of the big contributors to happiness: living in a home which feels comfortable – like a sanctuary.

With this in mind, I decided to put together this article which shares ideas for home renovations which make your home feel more comfortable and happy.

6 Important Home Renovations We Often Forget

Here are 6 types of home renovations that homeowners rarely think about, so keep reading.

1. Basement

basement refers to the lower level of the house. It is also called a crawlspace or cellar, depending on where you live in the world. People hardly ever think about this space, but it can be helpful to store things that you don’t want to display all year long, such as holiday decorations and tools for maintaining your lawn mower. 

However, most homeowners do not use their basement because they lack experience with what can go down there and how best to convert it into a functional space. A good contractor will come up with ideas based on your preferences, so you know exactly what’s going on every step along the way- from demolition through completion. One very important renovation to consider would be a crawl space vapor barrier that will help protect your home from water.

2. Attic

An attic is an ideal place to create more storage space. Renovating your attic can make you feel like a kid in a candy store with all the new places and spaces you find.

The most common renovations for attics include adding attic insulation, creating or finishing walls and floors, and installing windows and skylights. However, depending on the home’s architecture, it may be challenging to add windows. Therefore, many people choose not to finish their attics unless they want them as additional living spaces.

You can decorate your attic by installing new flooring and carpet. You can also choose to install ceiling lights, paint the walls with your favorite colour, or finish them with wallpaper. There are endless possibilities.

3. Walls

The walls in your home are an essential part of a home’s structure and design. Walls provide the foundation to keep your house from falling over and keep out outside elements such as noise or cold air. 

However, people often overlook walls when it comes time to renovate a property because they may not seem like an essential upgrade. The truth is that if you take care of them early enough during renovation projects, then eventually, having new wall structures will be much easier and cheaper than starting from scratch completely.

When looking at ways to improve or update your home’s current appearance, you must always look where easy changes can significantly impact the minimum cost. For example, repainting old, tired-looking walls with fresh coats can give those rooms brand-new colors that bring life back.

Repainting won’t bring down the value of your home. However, renovations like new wall structures or improved insulation can help sell a house faster because they will give buyers more options on living in that space if it doesn’t already suit their needs. If you’re at the point of selling, get a trusted realtor to evaluate your home in Ottawa, Ontario and find out if renovating your house further can bring more value.

4. Roof

A roof is a big part of a house. They take the brunt of the weather when it comes to natural disasters. So when you’re thinking about roofing, make sure that your home is in good condition before taking on this project. 

Your gutters may not be draining correctly because debris has accumulated in them over time resulting in water pooling near the foundation walls instead of going down through a gutter system. 

It would help if you always remembered that safety is essential. For example, don’t work on a roof if it’s wet or windy, and make sure you have an emergency plan in place for your family members who are home alone. In addition, make sure to take special precautions when working with gas lines, power lines, antennas, satellite dishes, skylights, and solar panels.

Roofing repairs can be expensive so try not to let them go too long before taking care of them. If you don’t know what signs indicate something needs repair, do the necessary research first, so you don’t get caught off guard by how much things cost down the road after renovations are complete. 

5. Storage Tanks and Shelf

People often forget storage tanks and shelves during renovations, but they can be essential for your home. Unfortunately, these areas of the house don’t get much love or attention, which is why it’s so crucial to give these spaces some consideration before starting any renovation project. You can renovate your storage tanks and shelves by adding a new closet or shelving unit.

6. Doors and Windows

Renovating these two parts of your home can be very beneficial for energy efficiency. Having a door sweep is an easy way for the doors to increase insulation and decrease drafts that come into your house through your doors. When it comes to windows, layer curtains or blinds are closed during cold months, with thicker window coverings open in warmer weather.

Doors and windows often go unnoticed when it comes to renovations but replacing them can make all the difference in keeping pests out of the home while also increasing energy efficiency, which could lead to lower bills every month. It would help if you always looked at each part of your home like you were buying one new one because these parts will determine how much money you’ll put back into this renovation later.

You can renovate your doors and windows by replacing the old, broken ones with new door styles and windows. Doors are essential for security reasons, but sometimes they can be a problem because they may cost more money than expected if you have old ones. Windows also play an essential role, so make sure all the windows are still intact when doing some interior work on your home or looking into selling it one day. Oh – and you might want to redesign your outdoor patio space  if your doors lead you to a cozy area.


Home renovations can be a lot of fun. It’s essential to make sure you have all the correct parts for your home. Doors and windows are especially important when it comes to security – as well as energy efficiency. 

Make sure everything is working correctly. Give yourself some time if there are more extensive home renovations that you need to do. This renovation will also affect any other part of your house at that moment – or in the future down the road – with how big or small they end up being.

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