Adult ADHD: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments

Adult ADHD: Signs, Symptoms and TreatmentsFeeling “off” your whole life and wondering if you have signs of Adult ADHD? Dive deep into the signs and symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and get some no-nonsense answers and Adult ADHD treatments.

You’re here because you’ve got questions. “Why have I always felt different?” “How on earth did I miss this?” Or even: “Am I the only adult in the universe who’s just figuring this out now?”

Breathe. You’re far from alone in this.

Research from the American Journal of Psychiatry reveals that a substantial number of adults deal with ADHD symptoms but never received a diagnosis during childhood.

That’s a gut punch, right? You’re not just wrestling with the realization that you might have ADHD. You’re grappling with the idea that you’ve been running this marathon with a weight around your ankle …that you never even knew was there!

Now, before you plunge down a rabbit hole of guilt or regret, remember this: ADHD, especially in adults, often wears a brilliant disguise.

ADHS in Adults Versus Children

While children with ADHD might bounce off the walls, adults often develop coping mechanisms that mask the disorder.

But beneath these coping strategies, there’s often a profound sense of being overwhelmed, misunderstood, and constantly swimming against the tide.

No worries. I’m here to help.

I’m sharing this guide on Adult ADHD because I’m a bestselling author on anxiety and leading Mindset Mastery Coach – with about 2 million books sold globally.

Plus I founded the therapist recommended self-paced online program called The Anxiety Cure Digital Course.

I love to help people to live calmer, happier lives. So let’s dive into what it means to potentially have adult ADHD.

We will start with the 15 Adult ADHD signs that might just sound all too familiar. Then afterwards I will share some ADHD treatments to help make your life easier and more fulfilling life.

15 Signs and Symptoms of Adult ADHD

So let’s break it down – the most common signs and symptoms of Adult ADHD.

1. Mr./Ms. Forgetful:

Ever found your keys in the fridge? Or forgotten the name of someone you met five minutes ago? It’s like your brain has these tiny black holes, swallowing chunks of your day-to-day information.

2. Distraction Central:

Sure, everyone gets distracted. But for you, focusing on a task can feel like trying to watch TV through a snowstorm. Everything seems interesting except the task at hand.

3. Impulse Buys:

You don’t just buy things. You hoard moments of instant gratification. Remember that neon green fur coat? Yeah, that was a 3 AM decision, wasn’t it?

4. Listening? Sorry, What?:

It’s not that you don’t care about what Aunt Susan has to say. But your brain’s got 20 tabs open. And it’s struggling to find the right one.

5. Taskmaster Failure:

Handling multiple tasks isn’t just daunting. It’s your Everest. Prioritizing feels like a Herculean challenge.

6. Bored Easily:

Variety isn’t just the spice of life. It’s the whole damn meal. Hobbies, interests, even TV shows – they all have a short expiration date.

7. Restless Mind and Body:

You’re the embodiment of that Daft Punk song – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Except sometimes, you wish there was an off switch.

8. Overwhelming Emotions:

Think of it as HD emotions in a standard definition world. Whether it’s joy, sadness, or anger, you experience it at 4K resolution.

9. Poor Time Management:

Time’s slippery for you. Appointments, deadlines, even casual brunch dates – being on time feels like catching a greased pig.

10. Decisions, Decisions:

From picking a cereal brand to deciding on a Netflix show, each choice feels like it’s got the weight of the world.

11. All the Details:

Some days, details are your worst enemies. Other times, you’re like Sherlock with a magnifying glass, obsessing over every tiny thing.

12. Interrupt-o-Matic:

You don’t mean to cut people off, but your brain’s like an overeager puppy, always ready with thoughts and opinions.

13. Self-Organized Chaos:

Your workspace? It’s like Picasso met a tornado. It’s chaos, but somehow it works… at least for you.

14. Risky Business:

Studies have shown ADHD adults tend to lean into risk more, whether that’s overspending, speeding, or just an insatiable itch for adrenaline.

15. Perpetual Daydreamer:

Meetings aren’t meetings. They’re windows to daydreaming marathons. You’ve built kingdoms and slain dragons while your boss discussed quarterly profits.

Do you Feel You Have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

After reading this list of symptoms and signs of Adult ADHD, do you feel you have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder?

If so, take a moment to breathe deep. I know this might be a lot to take in. It can feel unsettling, maybe even a bit overwhelming, when you see parts of yourself in a description of ADHD.

But please also remember, while this blog post offers insights, it’s not a 100% accurate diagnostic tool. Before drawing any concrete conclusions, always consult with a professional.

With that said, let’s move forward and explore the available support and strategies for those grappling with ADHD. Your well-being is paramount, and there’s a wealth of tools and resources out there to help.

4 Treatments to Navigate Adult ADHD

1. Medication:

Here’s a hard truth bomb for you – they’re not magical happy pills. Medications like Adderall don’t suddenly turn you into a laser-focused ninja. But, they’ve been shown to be game-changers for many with ADHD. A study in the American Journal of Psychiatry unveiled that meds like these can be the holy grail for some adults, helping them climb out of the ADHD pit they’ve found themselves in. But remember, we’re all beautiful unique snowflakes. So one man’s miracle pill might just be another man’s “meh.” Always get a professional to weigh in.

2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT):

Before you jump ship thinking this is just another therapy buzzword, listen up. CBT is like that badass gym instructor for your brain. According to the Behaviour Research and Therapy, adults with ADHD who underwent CBT while on medication had fewer symptoms and were generally more awesome at life than before. So, it’s not just therapy. It’s brain boot camp.

3. ADHD Coaching:

Alright, imagine Gandalf (your ADHD coach) guiding you through the fiery chasms of Mordor (your daily life). Feels epic, right? Well, that’s what a study in the Journal of Attention Disorders seems to suggest. Tailored coaching like I offer my clients can drastically improve the daily functioning of ADHD adults, turning their day-to-day chaos into a somewhat choreographed dance. With a little guidance, you’re not just surviving the ADHD life – you’re rocking it!

4. Lifestyle Tweaks:

Now, you might think that “lifestyle changes” is just what your overly health-conscious friend preaches. But trust science on this one. The Harvard Review of Psychiatry reveals that simple things like catching those Zzz’s on time, getting your sweat on regularly, and not treating your body like a junkyard can have profound effects on managing ADHD. Seems basic? Well, sometimes basic works wonders. I offer a range of helpful lifestyle tweaks inside my Tweak a Week Online Course – here!

Conclusion On Adult ADHD

Embracing your ADHD doesn’t mean giving in to the chaos. It’s about grabbing that chaos by the collar, giving it a stern talk, and showing it who’s boss. Get to know your ADHD-self. Then, kick some serious ass.

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